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CloudDrive and Deduplication?


Haven't seen any subjects on this...


Is there a plan or any way to get deduplication for CloudDrive? Considering CloudDrive can be nested with DrivePool I'm assuming it's just a way to emulate a block device on various cloud providers, and with that I should be able to do dedupe effective as long as it's inline dedupe (Windows scheduled dedupe doesn't really help save me space being as it's already allocated on Google Storage and there is no way to "free" it as far as I can tell, plus Windows dedupe takes a massive performance hit).


If it would work: is there any plans for CloudDrive to support this natively? If not, does anyone have recommended tools to provide inline dedupe for Windows on top of CloudDrive?

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While I would love this, since CloudDrive seems to be largely build around 1MB+ chunks, I really do not think dedupe would be very effective if this is the level at which dedupe would have to be done at. But maybe CloudDrive's architecture allows for some sort of sub-chunk dedupe?


Most dedupe on enterprise arrays are done at the 4k-8k block size level, once you get too far past that it becomes less and less likely the blocks will match exactly and dedupe loses its effectiveness.

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