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Error - volume repair was not successfull




Yesterday we had a power surge, which let to my computer going down and resetting. When i opened Stablebit i had to run a recover and everything went fine and the drive is now running again.


However every time i try to copy something to the drive i get a "The file already exists" and when i click replace i get the "Error 0x80070319: The volume repair was not successful."


Seems that it creates a 0 b file


Has the drive gone corrupt or can i fix this in any way? - haven't tried detaching and attaching again, as there is an upload in progress will try afterwards though!

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here is the log from yesterday. the .log is actually a .rar because the log was too big. but .rar wasnt allowed so had to change the extention to allow it :-)

so remember to change extention first

ended up deletibg my drive after everything fucking up.

besides the first issue i also encountered:

object is not a reference error
a system crash with 2 drives on the same provider (twice)


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