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Question regarding larger chunk sizes


I've currently settled on chunk sizes of 50MB as being the best performing for me at the moment, but have a question.


If I create a 1MB file on my drive, what gets uploaded? A 50MB object that is 49MB of zeroes or do we cache until we see 50MB of new data and then upload?

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If you haven't already, upgrade to the 421 build.  Alex has massively redesigned the chunk cache stuff.  \



* For the Local Disk provider, checksumming can now be optionally enabled for chunks up to 100 MB in size.

* Chunks up to 100 MB in size are now enabled for:
    - Amazon Cloud Drive (experimental)
    - Amazon S3
    - Box
    - Dropbox
    - Google Cloud Storage
    - Google Drive
    - Microsoft Azure Storage
    - OneDrive (experimental)
* Added a new checksumming algorithm and chunk I/O pipeline that supports partial read checksumming of read unit sizes. This works 
  together with large chunk sizes (> 1 MB) and partial reads (for providers that support that) and allows for checksumming to take 
  place with large chunks.
    - This checksumming algorithm (CRC32-Block) supersedes the old (CRC32) algorithm and will be used for all new drives by default.
    - The old algorithm is still supported and will work transparently for older drives (that were limited to 1 MB chunks).



This may completely changed how the upload is handled

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