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Drive pool with C as the only drive



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It's not possible; the operating system has to be loaded before DrivePool can start. You could mount a pool as a folder on the boot drive (e.g. have it show up as "c:\pool" instead of "d:\") but not as the boot drive itself.

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i am not the sharpest knife in the drawer but i cannot think of any logical reason to include the system boot/OS drive as a pooled drive in any DrivePool setup.  the potential for shooting oneself in the foot is immense.  as @Shane said, you can use a folder on the OS drive (or any drive) to mount your drives within but that is another thing entirely.

and you are guessing correctly as DrivePool is not loaded until after/as Windows boots.

if you have, say, only one 2TB (generally 1.8TB usable) ssd you could partition 300GB for the Windows OS (C:\) and partition the remaining 1.5TB as data storage (D:\) and add/make a pool from D then add more drives when acquired.  

spend time here:


and reading through the forums

so you know what you're getting into




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