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i cannot speak to the functionality of the All In One plugin when running the latest beta, as i do not run beta software of any kind (all software is beta lol).  i am running release final.  i will upgrade to the latest and greatest release when it is available i suppose.  that said, here's what happens when i tinker with the AIO settings in DrivePool...




click OK and the DP UI crashes.


this happens when the AIO is selected (ticked or unticked), then any another plug-in is selected (again either ticked or unticked), then finally reselecting the AIO plug-in.  sometimes it will error when 'cancel' is clicked and only AIO was selected, though not always.  it's saving UI error reports; dark mode using the AIO is barely readable, the contrasts are way off and only running the light theme in the DrivePool gui does it look 'normal' but it still fails the above.  in the past i have un/reinstalled it with reboots etc. to no avail.  i will give it another go when i upgrade DP; for now the OFP & DUL plug-ins do all that i need.   

another thing: 

DrivePool gave us an update to the Disk Space Equalizer

 .1501 * [Issue #28751] Added an option to equalize by used disk space to the Disk Space Equalizer balancer.  


 .1504 * Added an explicit placement limit setting to the Disk Space Equalizer balancer.  

the AIO in its current state does not include these options.
perhaps @methejuggler will update their code soon :)  or maybe  @Alex  will take over its maintenance? 

i will be adding another pool of 3 or 4 ssds soon and would love to have the AIO updated and stable.


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