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  1. Hello Does Drivepool, Scanner and CloudDrive work on MS Server 2022? Thanks
  2. Hi Anyone using the All-in-One plugin? I have been using it since 15/05/2021 and noticed that the balancing settings were reset to defaults on 2 occasions. I'm not sure if it's the plugin or Windows updates that can cause it to reset to defaults. Any ideas? Preferred Settings: Defaults that it resets to:
  3. @srcrist So my data is being duplicated to the CloudDrive, but it is writing very slow. +-500KB/s, is there a way to speed this up? My cache drive is 100GB SSD and it's full On CloudDrive GUI, it shows uploading data x1 30-70mb/s but on DrivePool GUI it shows Write +-500KB/s ?
  4. @srcrist Thank you, It looks like its working, the Folders that I selected are being duplicated to the CloudDrivePool now. But I see the notification: I/O Throttled, CloudDriveCache is low on disk space, using 100GB cache Do you know if its possible to install programs on a Local Drivepool? such as Steam, Epic Games, UPlay, GOG, EA Origin, etc...
  5. @srcrist I am little bit confused. Not sure if I setup the correct way. So created 1 CloudDrive, with duplication and encryption, then created smaller volumes on it using Disk Manger. I put these smaller volumes into their own CloudDrivePool (Z:) Then created a new MainDrivePool (P:) that consists of CloudDrivePool (Z:) and LocalDrivePool (Q:) I selected Folder Duplication on MainDrivePool (P:) and choose the Folders I want duplicated. Which other Setting / Balancers do I need to use to ensure that the data in those folders need to be on the LocalDrivePool (Q:) and on CloudDrivePool (Z:)? NB: On CloudDrivePool (Z:) - The only balancer I have active is Disk Space Equalizer, Equalize by Disk space remaining. Equalizing duplicated and un-duplicated files Thanks
  6. @srcrist Thanks, I'm leaning towards 1 big CloudDrive and create smaller volumes on it from Windows Disk Management.
  7. Thank you for your reply. @srcrist Yeah, perhaps I am over thinking it, just wanted to make sure of some stuff before I go ahead. I will play around with some configs and settings to see what works best for me. Thanks.
  8. Hi I need some advice on how to setup a GDrive CloudDrive to duplicate a local drivepool. I have been using DrivePool and Scanner for over a year now and really happy with it. Using the latest beta versions of all 3 products. Currently I have 5x HDD's and 1x 250GB SSD cache in a local drivepool (Q:) and I have all Balancers on: 1. SSD Optimizer 2. StableBit Scanner 3. Disk Space Equalizer 4. Volume Equalization 5. Drive Usage Limiter 6. Prevent DriveOverfill 7. Duplication Space Optimizer I currently do not have any duplication taking place on the local pool (Q:), but I will setup a specific folder for important data to be duplicated. The rest is not so critical, mostly media files. I would like to setup a GDrive CloudDrive to duplicate some folders, with full drive encryption on. This where I get lost on what type of config to use. Is there a best practice guide on this? 1. Do I create 1 big GDrive? +-100TB or more 2. Create smaller ones and put them a drivepool of their own? Section I'm not so sure on when creating a CloudDrive: Part 1: Data duplication: ? Local Cache Drive: 100GB Same SSD cache drive part of the local drivepool (Q) Sector Size: ? Storage chunk size: ? Chunk cache size: ? File System: ? Cluster Size: ? Part 2: Current internet speed, Fibre 200mbps down / 100mbps up. ( May change in a month or 2) I/O Manager Download Threads: ? Upload Threads: ? Download Throttling: ? Upload Throttling: ? Upload threshold: ? Minimum downlaod size: ? Prefetcher Enabled / Disabled: ? Prefetch Trigger: ? Prefetch forward: ? Prefetch time windows: ? I take it that once this setup and the next step will be to create a hybrid pool with localpool + cloudpool and setup folder duplication on the cloudpool, using Drive Usage limiter... Is that correct? *BTW is it possible to add local and cloud path directories to a Plex library, with the same data? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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