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Motherboard compatibility

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cant install drivepool because jave not loaded in server 2012 essentials

I'm guessing that you mean javascript, and for the download site.

Adding "*.stablebit.com" to the Trusted Sites list should fix that issue, for the future.


fixed drivepool now just gotta get domain working


to domain or to workgroup fix this is the ?

Not sure what you mean here.

As for the domain join, that is entirely up to you. Just remember that even if you join the domain, you should be able to log into the local user accounts (by using ".\Username" for the username). And you can leave the domain anytime afterwards, without any issues (other than it removing the domain account users, so you need to make sure you have local users).


Otherwise, it's up to you. 


Oh, and that's one other thing, on the non-domain joined systems, you may want to change the workgroup name on the other computers to match the domain name of the server (aka, the start part of the "domainname.local" info). This should help make sure that the domain computers show up in the "Network" section.

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I'm liking the netgear Nighthawk X6 triband (R8000)

Well, if it is an educational excersize only then I would opt for the WS10 Tech release. I have that installed on an old machine for that purpose as preperation for the migration from WHS2011 sometime

That really depends on exactly what you want out of the server (and yes, a client OS can be a server, as well).     By going with Windows 10 Pro (or Windows 8.X Pro), you lose out on a few things:

het Christopher can u help me wth aremote session again im having an issue with my remote desktop services on server essentials and saw a video online about loading a certificate of some sort but not sure what to do. otherwise server is running great and I got my black drive replaced today.

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There should be down arrow menu .... thing, at the top of the web page, next to "Windows Server 2012 R2".

Click on that. It should list "Home", "Shared Folders", "Device", etc. 


Click on "Devices". This will list the computers, their status, and allow you to remote desktop into them.

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having new issues .... I hinks services are either not starting correctly or jst messed up on server and now the connector on my laptop is not connecting to the server even though I have access to the network drive. what can I do ??? I love 2012 but im starting to wonder if its to much for me...

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I disabled the printer spooler service on server and all has been fine since

That's .... odd. Well, glad you found the fix. :)


server has been running flawless. the only issue now Is that my remote desktop cant save password.. something about security credentials

Try running "mstsc" on the system.  From there, click on the "more options" option (bottom, left corner). This should expose a lot more settings, including a checkbox that says "Allow me to save credentials".  That should be what you want.

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Easiest way, run "mstsc".

Open the "Options", and that should allow you to specify the system name, and save the credentials.


If this is for remotely, then open the Advanced tab, and click on the "gateway" settings. Set your external Anywhere Access url (.remotewebaccess.com) as the gateway server, and check the "use same credentials" (paraphrasing). 



This should allow you to save the credentials properly.





As for why this is happening.... You're downloading the file from your Anywhere Access site, right? If so, it's a file, and saved locally. 

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