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Chkdsk reports DrivePool drive as RAW so will not chkdsk it, but...



However the drivepool drive is available and seems to be running fine and the 3 underlying disks are all OK with chkdsk.

One last thing is that the drivepool drive  does not appear in Stablebit Scanner. I have reset Drive Scanner and still does not appear.

File explorer reports as the correct size (approx 22TB) but dispart and the Disk Management MMC have it as just 2TB approx.

This is running on Windows Server 2019.

Any solutions? This is a huge drive (3 x 8TB disks make it up) so would rather not have to start again particularly when it appears to be working fine in other respects.

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You also opened a ticket for this. 

But to repeat what I said there, and echo what vapechiK said, 

This is perfectly normal, and expected.  In all cases, here. 

the pool drive itself is fully virtual, but doesn't have any blocks/data on the drive. All of the data is "reverse proxied" to the underlying disks, and handled invisible.  So CHKDSK won't work on the drive, and it does not appear in StableBit Scanner.   And the size is normal, as Windows needs a size before that can be properly read, so the 2TB size is a placeholder. 

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i do not believe any 'solution' is necessary here, as DP will show up in Disk Management as 2047.97GB per local pool.  i.e i made a new 'test' pool from 2 500GB hdds for a total size of 1TB (931GB available) and Disk Management reports that pooled drive as 2047.97GB, same as my primary pool drive which is comprised of 4x 8TB and 1x 4TB hdds.  in Disk Management, 'right-click  > properties' on any pool partition showing 2047.97GB will give you the pie-chart dialogue showing the total/used/free size of the combined underlying disks.  so... the (any?) pool drive that is shown in Disk Management is seemingly just a kernel/filesystem 'place holder' where DP can dream big dreams but chdsk won't work as there is no actual 'disk' for it to check.

as for the pool not showing in Scanner, i think it's by design that it's not there.  the disks comprising the pool are all there (at least for me, so i'll assume for you as well), so unnecessary overhead is avoided.  it would probably throw errors in much the same way as trying to run chkdsk does, as it's a 'virtual' 2047.97GB 'place holder' and not an actual physical disk.  pooled drives will show in the GUI for DrivePool as they can then be added to hierarchal pools.

if i had to guess, i'd say Stablebit DrivePool/Scanner are working fine for you in ALL respects (knock on wood :))   hope this helps.


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