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Replace 8TB drive with 16TB drive



I have a pool that has 2 8TB drives.  I am going to upgrade both drives to 16TB but I cannot add a new 16TB without first removing a 8TB.  I wasn't doing any pool duplication so several days ago I kicked it off and it is 25% done.  Takes forever.  My plan was to wait until this is done, then remove one of the 8TB drives and replace with a 16TB, wait for it to re-write the pool to the 16TB, then remove the 2nd 8TB and add the 16TB.  To me this is the only way given I cannot have all the drives connected at the same time.  Does this make sense?

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That would work (presuming you have enough free space).

Alternatively you could use a USB drive dock to connect and add one of the new drives before removing one of the old drives, then repeat the process with the other new and old drives. Though this assumes you have a spare USB port and a USB dock to plug into it.

There's also manual tricks you can use to more quickly (still takes a while) replace pooled drives with new ones, but they require a certain level of "knowing what you're doing" in case anything doesn't go according to plan, involving copying from inside the pool drives' hidden PoolPart folders.

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