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  1. I received a warning about a balancing problem and so I was advised to start a manual balancing, which I just did. Is there anyway for me to see in real-time the file(s) being moved?
  2. More of a comment than a question. So I've been dealing with the ultra slow re-balancing performance and I've given up. I have a USB DAS populated with fairly large drives and when attempting to re-balance the throughput is so slow that it is worse than watching paint dry. I'm not sure if this is because it is a DAS, but it is unaccapetably slow, we're talking read/write speeds of a couple MB/s. I followed the instructions of editing the setting.jron file, and have tried increasing the priority. No improvment. The workaround is to do this manually. I identify the file(s) that I want to move from one drive to the other, and use swap space (storage that is not part of the drivepool). I cut/paste the file from the pool to the swap space. I then modify/create file placement rules so that when the file is placed back in the pool it goes to the correct drive. File placement rules are quite easy and straight forward and my workaround works much faster that letting drivepool re-balance.
  3. I would just do a drive replacement. This however is the boring solution, and it almost sounds like you might be looking for a reason to upgrade other system components.
  4. Very happy with how drivepool has performed on my aging desktop, but soon I'll be transferring the license to my newer PC, a Hades Canyon NUC running Windows 11. Currently my drivepool consists of internal drives, but after my 4-bay external enclosure arrives I'll connect it to the Hades Canyon and use drivepool with the DAS. It has USB 3.1 Gen2 so no bottelenecks there for streaming my 4k UHD videos. I have paralysis from analysis when trying to decide which hard drives to put in the DAS. My first question for the group is for someone to validate that drivepool with read striping enabled on DAS drives will not introduce a bottleneck when streaming 50-80GB mkv video files. Assuming drivepool will play nice with this setup, I am partial to western digital drives and put a premium on noise level over performance. I'm trying to identify the most quiet 14tb-18tb hard drive out there. Reliability and noise level are the most important factors.
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