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Found 10 results

  1. I must have accidentally checked the box that stores the encryption key because now CloudDrive mounts my drive when the machine boots up (even after a full shutdown). How do I tell it to ask for my key again at startup? Thanks.
  2. Hi there, I'm trying to figure out the best way to encrypt all my drives that are part of my DrivePool. Should I... a - use CloudDrive to encrypt each disk individually as a 'Local Disk' provider, then add each encrypted drive to the drive pool. b - add all the unencrypted drives to the drive pool, then encrypt the entire pool with CloudDrive as a 'Local Disk' and use the encrypted version of the pool c - use some 3rd party encryption program to encrypt the drives, then add them to the drive pool d - add all unencrypted drives to the pool, then use 3rd party encryption to encrypt t
  3. The answer is probably no. But i hope want to confirm anyway as it would seem to be a logically possible option. Any function to map Google Cloud as a drive without any form of encryption? Just want to allocate a drive letter to it, and use as a normal drive. No encryption or even obsfucation of any form.
  4. Hi, I am looking for at solution to encrypt my storage drives that I am using for drivepool. How is the easiest way to do this? I have read this forum through over and over again, but I cannot seem to find a newer guide to how to setup bitlocker (I would rather use something like disktryptor instead but if bitlocker is the only encryption software supported, I can live with that). Does anyone know how to encrypt the disks I'm using for my drivepool storage? I don't have a TPM-module so I'll need to use a USB drive. Also, I am not going to encrypt my system drive, so how do I manually s
  5. Like the title says, I totally missed the box to enable encryption on my StableBit folder and now I'm wondering if it's possible to turn encryption on after the fact (since some has already been uploaded), or if I should just delete everything and start from scratch? I don't see an option to enable it, so I'm leaning towards the last option.
  6. Has there been any improvement on the EFS support? I only see it mentioned a long time ago and that balancing and duplication were not supported, maybe this is supported now?
  7. Hello guys, all your products are just amazing! Do you have any plans on integrating the encryption used in CloudDrive into DrivePool? Would be really nice if we can get rid of BitLocker. Thanks!
  8. Hello, System: Windows 10 intel i4770 CloudDrive version: BETA 64bit Background/Issue Created a local CloudDrive pointing to Amazon S3. I chose full encryption. The volume/bucket created successfully on S3 as well as the formatting and drive assignment for my local drive. I could see the METADATA GUID, and a few chunk files were created from the process on the S3 bucket. Next, I upload one file and noticed that additional "chunk" files were created in the bucket. After the Stablebit GUI status indicated that all file transfers were completed, I deleted the fi
  9. Hi, I am trying to pool 2 x 1.5TB drives into a single 2.xTB partition on Windows 7. I have converted the two disks to GPT disks for starters (to get around the 2TB limit the resultant DrivePool drive will be greater than). I then formatted the two disks as NTFS partitions and then added them to a new pool in DrivePool and I get a 2.72TB partition like I want (which I alloated to Z:). FYI both disks are plugged into a USB dual-bay hard drive dock (so dynamic volumes aren’t an option for me as I’m sure many would know). I already use TrueCrypt, however I cannot get the DrivePool-created drive (
  10. rei

    EFS encryption support

    Hi, Is there a chance we can get EFS support for DrivePool? It's convenient to prevent tampering for multiple-user computers, especially when someone else is the Administrator. I'd imagine it's fairly trivial to make work with DrivePool, since it encrypts on a per-file basis, and the Windows API even allows you to open files in its raw encrypted format. Thanks in advance, Rei
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