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  1. Hi everyone, I have now used diskcryptor for a couple of days and it seems to work flawlessly. I did what Christopher said in #2 and I have also encrypted my system drive for most transparency. I have to enter my password at boot but after that, I don't get any indications or notifications that the whole system is encrypted which is really nice. Thanks for the replies in here . BTW: I didn't try Bitlocker as I thought I would try diskcryptor first
  2. I will have a go at it this weekend and come back with the results
  3. #5 I didn't mean to use them at the same time - I would try each of them, one at a time to see which one is most stable .
  4. That was quick response, nice . OK, so if I edit the advanced settings file with the lines you wrote, I should be able to use both Bitlocker and DiskCryptor? I don't need to do anything else besides that (and restart the service if needed) TwoEdge: I'll give that a try thx. I guess I'll try putting a couple of extra disks in the machine and play with the encryption (both bitlocker and diskcryptor). I think i will start with bitlocker as I would hate to loss most of my 10TB of data because I didn't do my research right. BTW my server has a SUPERMICRO X8SIE-F motherboard but it doesn't have a TPM-module
  5. Hi, I am looking for at solution to encrypt my storage drives that I am using for drivepool. How is the easiest way to do this? I have read this forum through over and over again, but I cannot seem to find a newer guide to how to setup bitlocker (I would rather use something like disktryptor instead but if bitlocker is the only encryption software supported, I can live with that). Does anyone know how to encrypt the disks I'm using for my drivepool storage? I don't have a TPM-module so I'll need to use a USB drive. Also, I am not going to encrypt my system drive, so how do I manually start drivepool (I don't have a problem manually activate things at each startup as my server is seldom restarted). Any help would be much appreciated! /MaxIImus
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