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  1. Scanner's surface scan is described as being data scrubbing. That would mean that there's a checksum somewhere. Is it stored on the disk itself? More practically, can Scanner replace ReFS's integrity streams feature?
  2. ID: UVRPH3ZV I appreciate the work StableBit does. I imagine there's a lot of labor that goes into software like this.
  3. Cool, good to know. Thanks for the help!
  4. Does the degradation happen regardless of whether or not you're adding more writes? This is actually a drive that I've been using as a secondary since I upgraded to a 500gb, and its content hasn't changed much in several months.
  5. That makes sense. So at the same time, SSD Life probably shouldn't say "Life Used" so much as it should say "Life remaining" or something.
  6. Looks like it's in OK shape. I'm seeing Wear Leveling Count is represented here as an integer as opposed to a percentage, whereas Scanner represents it as a percentage. Could be a case of Scanner misinterpreting the number, hence the non-sensical "only 100% of life." Thanks, Jaga.
  7. SMART on my Samsung SSD drive is showing me a bizarre stat for Wear Leveling Count, which is currently at1% or 0.4%, depending on which number you look at. It says "There is only 100.0% of life left in this SSD disk," which clearly doesn't make sense. SSD Life is at 99%, with 57.2TB lifetime writes. Should I be concerned? Is this a bug?
  8. Any updates on this front? I wonder if DrivePool can make use of ReFS's integrity streams to determine which duplicate copy to write over the other.
  9. rei

    Plugin won't install

    Yeah, which is why I had a hunch that it'd work if I ran as Administrator: UAC wasn't showing up like it normally would. Haven't had the same problem with any other installers on my machine, but considering no one's apparently complained about this in over six months, if it is a bug, it's probably going to be nigh impossible to repro anyway.
  10. rei

    Plugin won't install

    Found a simple workaround: run it as Administrator. Right-clicking on the .msi in Explorer doesn't bring up the Run as Administrator button, so I opened an Admin command prompt using ctrl+shift+enter in Start, and then ran it from there.
  11. rei

    Plugin won't install

    I'm having this same problem. Has it not been fixed or all cases, or has it not been looked at yet?
  12. I've been using DrivePool for a year or two, and suddenly this morning, I found that I had several hundred extra gigs of space. I hadn't lost any drives or any files, and I hadn't touched any settings -- it just suddenly happened. Upon investigating folder duplication, I discovered that for some reason, it was disabled for a few folders. I hadn't changed their permissions or anything either. Any idea why this might have happened?
  13. rei

    EFS encryption support

    Hi, Is there a chance we can get EFS support for DrivePool? It's convenient to prevent tampering for multiple-user computers, especially when someone else is the Administrator. I'd imagine it's fairly trivial to make work with DrivePool, since it encrypts on a per-file basis, and the Windows API even allows you to open files in its raw encrypted format. Thanks in advance, Rei
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