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  1. Update Status: After continuing to test, I realized that if I tried to create a bucket in anything other than Virginia (US Standard) (ie. N. Calif, or Oregon) I received the error messages. Creating a bucket in Virginia (US Standard) worked just fine. Any reason why a bucket can't be created using CloudDrive for the other regions?
  2. Hi, System: WIN10 i4770 32GB Asus 51AC CloudDrive: BETA I know this is the latest BETA, and there will be issues. That being said, I also happen to find that this version seems very stable and I have been getting great upload speeds to Google and ACD. Now the issue... I connected to S3 using the usual credentials (access/secret) keys. All works as planned. Next, I create a new Stablebit bucket in S3 using the N. Calif. region. Again all works as planned, and I confirmed the bucket was created on S3's site. I go to see what drive letter is assigned and there i
  3. I recently installed .422 on WIN10 and created CloudDrive for both Google Drive and ACD. Both were set on 10mb/10mb chunk and cache size. No issues here. In fact, the uploads were great! For Google, I saw ~20Mbits/s. I didn't test ACD as much, but from the few files I uploaded prior to inserting it into a pool, seemed just fine. My internet connection speeds average: 300mbps down/20mbps up.
  4. Drashna, Thanks for the reply. You can ignore the updated message I just sent via support. I guess I do have concerns about the cloud storage becoming too large. In the end, if I pay for XXGB total, and CloudDrive overwrites the old sectors, then it should not be a factor. Storage providers like S3 may be a factor since I believe you get charged each month based upon the average storage size in a container. Thanks again for following-up and making a great product.
  5. Hello, System: Windows 10 intel i4770 CloudDrive version: BETA 64bit Background/Issue Created a local CloudDrive pointing to Amazon S3. I chose full encryption. The volume/bucket created successfully on S3 as well as the formatting and drive assignment for my local drive. I could see the METADATA GUID, and a few chunk files were created from the process on the S3 bucket. Next, I upload one file and noticed that additional "chunk" files were created in the bucket. After the Stablebit GUI status indicated that all file transfers were completed, I deleted the fi
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