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  1. Hi, As the OP, thanks for looking into it. I backed a loser with TrueCrypt in the end and I was burnt by Bitlocker once when Windows refused to recognise a Bitlocker-encrypted disk (to the point where I had to resort to a backup). Can't please everyone!
  2. Are there any plans for DrivePool to support TrueCrypt? Are there any drive pooling products that support encryption? Does DrivePool support any other encryption tools?
  3. Hi, I am trying to pool 2 x 1.5TB drives into a single 2.xTB partition on Windows 7. I have converted the two disks to GPT disks for starters (to get around the 2TB limit the resultant DrivePool drive will be greater than). I then formatted the two disks as NTFS partitions and then added them to a new pool in DrivePool and I get a 2.72TB partition like I want (which I alloated to Z:). FYI both disks are plugged into a USB dual-bay hard drive dock (so dynamic volumes aren’t an option for me as I’m sure many would know). I already use TrueCrypt, however I cannot get the DrivePool-created drive (
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