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Found 6 results

  1. I love the Stablebit Cloud, for remote access to Pool and Scanner info, as well as seeing how many products I have for each activation ID etc. However, could you add the ability to deactivate a specific installation too? I've been running a few VM testing scenarios with new hardware, and I thought I was done testing... but I managed to forget to deactivate Drivepool (again!), though I did remember Scanner. Now the only way to fix this is with a support request. While that is "ok", surely it makes sense to be able to deactivate an installation from the cloud interface for cases where failed har
  2. I am testing Stablebit to upload to my GSuite Account. I setup a 10 TB Encrypted Drive and are currently uploading Large Files to it. It has been uploading for a day or so and the speeds seem to be steady from the 1 GB expandable cache of 40 to 45 mbps, about 18-19 GB per house I have 1 GB download, 1 GB Upload Fiber line. Is this the normal upload to google or should I be getting more. Attached a pic If more, anyone have any hints on increasing this. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hello everyone! Another happy user of Drivepool with a question regarding NTFS compression and file evacuation. A few days ago I started having reallocated sectors counters on one drive. Stablebit scanner ordered drivepool to evacuate all the files, but there was not enough space so some of them remained. I bought another drive, which I added to the pool, and tried to remove the existing one, getting an "Access is Denied" error. Afterwards, I tried to force evacuation of files from the damaged drive using the appropriate option in the Stablebit scanner. This triggered a rebalance opera
  4. Good Morning - Wasn't sure if this was to go in the Scanner or Drivepool forum, so please adjust if needed... I've got a 40.3tb drive pool comprised of 11 disks which I've used for the past couple of years. It's worked great, but do have a small issue. Alongside using Stablebit DrivePool to manage the pool, all drives are monitored via StableBit Scanner. Recently, one of the pooled drives (4tb standard disk) started showing a "File System Damage" error. I think I know what is causing this as recent scans using Treesize indicated 4 folders which couldn't be located and if I try to
  5. So, I’m the guy in a big truck in the right lane with his arm out the window flagging the more nimble and faster guys to pass. Sorry for all the rust on my rig - washing just makes it worse. My first WHS V1 build was on a HP Proliant DL380 G3. It had 2 1gig network ports bound in tandem. The HP bind program for Windows server worked just fine in WHS V1. Two Xeon dual core processors gave plenty of power. Finally, the dual power supplies and multiple fans made for a very reliable machine. Over the years I have purchased used Proliant servers at a penny on the dollar and given them a s
  6. oceaness

    Websites down?

    Hi, new user here. Not really sure where to post this, but it seems stablebit.com and bitflock.com are both down? I'm hoping it's just a temporary hiccup that will be sorted soon. My DrivePool trial has run out and I'd like to purchase a license. Is anyone else able to access either site?
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