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  1. Yep, I know but the weird thing is that the other data was actually data that was duplicated. I guess it was leftovers from all the balancing / moving around data, so I ended with the same data thrice. In any case, all taken care of
  2. Hi again Christopher. Thanks for the explanation about dedup! I think I will refrain for using it on the drives that are linked to the pool. I was able finally to remove the drive, took a while and had to disable NTFS compression on all the files. The only strange thing is that there were some leftover files marked as 'Other'. I compared them with one of the healthy drives and all of them were there, don't know why they were not removed. Now I am formatting the drive and ready to send it for RMA. Thanks!
  3. Thanks Christopher! Much appreciated, I will disable NTFS compression (also to check what savings I was getting). I upgraded the DrivePool version with the provided Beta and the disk removal is progressing. I see some nice visualization bits added so thanks you and Alex for the hard work! I will report back as soon as the disk is out, and talking about dedup, I guess enabling Windows Server Dedup on the DrivePool kinda defeats the purpose of data duplication, right? Is this something even supported / recommended? I saw some posts regarding this but no so sure what to get out of them. I gue
  4. Generally not enable it ever, or just not with DrivePool? I think I will stay away from it anyway due to the recent events, but could you please elaborate a bit (if you don't mind) on the possible issues that might happen with NTFS compression? I use it regularly on non-pooled drives and never had an issue so far (fingers-crossed!) Force removal btw didn't work ,so I will upgrade as soon as the current balancing task completes. Thanks for the super-quick answer btw!
  5. Ok, just checked that enabling NTFS compression does not change the md5sum of the file, so I am not so sure anymore if it has something to do or not I will wait for the rebalancer to finish to see if the files go away from the damaged drive since I cannot remove it (Access is Denied). Is there a new version I can try with? Logs that I might need to collect?
  6. Hello everyone! Another happy user of Drivepool with a question regarding NTFS compression and file evacuation. A few days ago I started having reallocated sectors counters on one drive. Stablebit scanner ordered drivepool to evacuate all the files, but there was not enough space so some of them remained. I bought another drive, which I added to the pool, and tried to remove the existing one, getting an "Access is Denied" error. Afterwards, I tried to force evacuation of files from the damaged drive using the appropriate option in the Stablebit scanner. This triggered a rebalance opera
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