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  1. Hello, I own CloudDrive and lost everything due using chkdsk on my only CloudDrive, lost about 5 TB of data. Not sure if it is a google drive issue, or what. Eitherway i still have the data but that is another story. I have a GSuite Unlimited One User Drive that I pay for. this is what I wanted to do, and I am wondering if it will work before I purchase DrivePool, and any recommendations On my single GSuite Account create 4 to 5 volumns Have one or two as parity, is this possible with DrivePool Set it to only upload at most 700GB a day to not hit google thr
  2. LicQuyd

    Google Corruption

    Well this completely removed about 5TB of info. Ok, it is what it is now, and I am not going to try to match ever file to the filename. Going Forward with Stable bit: Do I used it, or do I not use it? If I used it, what is a better method, possible different format??? Any advice?
  3. LicQuyd

    Data corrupted..?

    Funny, all was working expert two folder, so I ran Chkdsk, seen some errors, then Chkdsk /f, and Bam, all messed up
  4. LicQuyd

    Data corrupted..?

    Running Chkdsk /f and I lost over 95% of my data, 6TB or so
  5. LicQuyd

    Google Corruption

    I lose 95% of my data! WTF
  6. LicQuyd

    Google Corruption

    I am having the same issue for few folders, can't delete them either. Any one know how to resolve this?
  7. So I am using Stablebit with Plex/Emby and Google Drive I am not sharing any connection and am was just watching low res vidoes during the evening. I looked at my download usage during the night on the PC and it is HUGE 40 GB down per hour. for possible a 500 mb video Does this seem normal? I am nothing else running on this pc. The 2 GB upload from this PC makes sense as it has to stream to my FireStick but the download is crazy.
  8. Hey All, I see with StableBit you can create Virtual Drives with no Content obviously which is fantastic. But do you have a product that can Map Drives such as Google Drives, onedrive or SFTP I though maybe StableBit PoolDrive might work, but would it. Not looking to pool any drives currently, just map them. If not, anyone recommend a good product for Mapping Drives other than the Built In Windows stuff. Thanks Wes (LicQuyd)
  9. Changed it to 20 threads and now i am getting 300 mbps and hitting the 750 GB limit, so I think i am good now.
  10. I am testing Stablebit to upload to my GSuite Account. I setup a 10 TB Encrypted Drive and are currently uploading Large Files to it. It has been uploading for a day or so and the speeds seem to be steady from the 1 GB expandable cache of 40 to 45 mbps, about 18-19 GB per house I have 1 GB download, 1 GB Upload Fiber line. Is this the normal upload to google or should I be getting more. Attached a pic If more, anyone have any hints on increasing this. Thanks in advance!
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