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Is this upload speed acceptable or normal to Google Drive- 40 to 45 mbps


I am testing Stablebit to upload to my GSuite Account.

I setup a 10 TB Encrypted Drive and are currently uploading Large Files to it.

It has been uploading for a day or so and the speeds seem to be steady from the 1 GB expandable cache of 40 to 45 mbps, about 18-19 GB per house

I have 1 GB download, 1 GB Upload Fiber line.

Is this the normal upload to google or should I be getting more.

Attached a pic


If more, anyone have any hints on increasing this.

Thanks in advance!




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It isn't bad. You can probably do better. What are your performance settings? I use 5 upload threads and 10 download threads. I can saturate my Google Drive connection. But, remember, Google has a cap of 750GB/day, so I just throttle it at 70mbps so I never exceed the cap. 

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6 hours ago, LicQuyd said:

Changed it to 20 threads and now i am getting 300 mbps and hitting the 750 GB limit, so I think i am good now.

I'm glad you were able to saturate, but lower that thread count. 20 is too high and you'll get throttled by Google. 10 down and 5 up should be more than enough. 20 is more than the API will even allow you to have in *both* directions. 

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