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Found 9 results

  1. Hi there, I've been using DrivePool for a long time on my Windows Server 2012R2 box. I'm on the current build of DrivePool (934). I'm currently getting random BSODs that seem to suggest a failing piece of hardware. Memory passes, CPU isn't overheating... so, it's not good. I also have a Mediasonic eSATA / USB 3.0, 4 bay drive box (that DrivePool uses via eSATA on this Windows machine). My issue is this: I'm not replacing this machine. I also don't have another machine with eSATA on it. I bought a Synology, and need to get the data off this box (the Synology has
  2. Hi all, I'm attempting to mount a 1.5gb (not a typo) google drive from Windows 10. I am selecting the full encryption option and choosing a 1tb HD with 300gb free for the cache. Everytime I do this I am presented with a BSOD and the following errors, stop code: SYSTEM)THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED What failed: CLASSPNP.SYS Any ideas what could be causing this and how I can resolve ?
  3. Hello everyone A few days ago I updated my mediaserver to 1803 to get another piece of Software working. Since then my network-mounted drivepool seems to cause a BSOD (bad pool header). Please see the attachment for Whocrashed information. The behavior is pretty much like described in this thread: https://community.covecube.com/index.php?/topic/3594-bsod-on-dp-after-updating-to-win-10-apr-18-and/&page=2. I can copy files from the network drive but as soon as I: Rename files delete files or CTRL+X files I get a BSOD. I made sure to update to the provided versi
  4. Hi, I've been having a few BSODs recently caused by DrivePool. I'm running the latest Windows 10 creators' update, v10.0.16299 - I believe this only started happening after I updated to it. DrivePool is v2.2.0.852. In this instance I was working on my work PC over remote desktop, saved a file into my DropBox folder which synced it back to my PC (located on my pool) , and it instantly crashed ntfs.sys. I also had this the other week when I was trying to save an excel file locally on my desktop (also located on my pool). If I move my DropBox folder outside my pool it works fine.
  5. I spend almost 3hours every day trying to keep my CloudDrive+CloudPool setup alive. For me its a hard job with crashe and unresponsive system and GUIs. ReFS, NTFS, going virutal, going BETA, Clustersize, adding SSD, SSD Addon, cachesize... trying different providers, Dropbox, Azure, FTP, Google Drive, Local... Nothing keeps CloudDrives working more then some hours. But my latest problem is that im sleeping to long so CloudDrive removes my haddrives after dual bluescreens. When my drives are getting removed i see: [CloudDrives] Drive <ID> was previously unmountable. User
  6. Is anybody else getting a blue screen of death creating a symlink or junction on a pool in the latest betas? I'm running Server 2012 R2 and build 615 of DrivePool and I get a SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION whenever I try to create a junction or symlink. I reverted back to the last official release (build 561) and it works correctly again. Not sure on what build the BSOD behavior started. Getting ready to keep trying newer versions until the the problem recurs. Just wondering if it's a problem isolated to me and my setup or if this is a more general problem.
  7. Hi all, I just started evaluating Stablebit DP after having read in many places that it was superior to Storage Spaces. I'm equally new on this forum and nor very familiar with how to properly make these posts, what kind of info that may be relevant to to add initially or so. So I'll give it a try and hopefully I can supply any other relevant info on request. Situation and problem: I created a DP on my recently built Win8.1 machine. The pool consists of two 4TB WD Red. Brand new. OS runs on an Intel 120GB SSD. Brand new. I have started loading data on to the pool from exter
  8. Ouch! BSOD while installing! No share access, nothing running in the background, just doing the update by remote desktop and having one explorer opened on the pool. I uploaded the memory dump. Edit: now the DP install is bad. Impossible to uninstall, impossible to update. Here is the log from the installer (cannot we upload files to the forum?) [11B4:11B8][2013-06-08T14:23:43]i001: Burn v3.7.1224.0, Windows v6.2 (Build 9200: Service Pack 0), path: \\GOLGOTH\Outils\Server Resources\Tools\StableBit\StableBit.DrivePool_2.0.0.265_x64_BETA.exe, cmdline: '-burn.unelevated BurnPipe.
  9. Continuing the thread from the old forum: http://forum.covecube.com/discussion/1129/critical-bsod-when-accessing-dp-over-a-network-share Just to recap, I've received a number of memory dumps over the past month or so showing a system crash in srv2.sys. Srv2.sys is Microsoft's file sharing driver that translates network file I/O requests into local file I/O requests on the server, but the implication is of course that StableBit DrivePool may somehow be the cause of these crashes. The crashes only occur on Windows 8 / Windows Server 2012 (including Essentials). Paris has submitted the be
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