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  1. And your still selling the product with google drive support knowing your limit is close? money before everything?
  2. i run one setup with 10 google accounts to get away from the daliy limits. So yes it works!
  3. Burken

    Duplicating queue?

    Story Short... I had 15TB of data to re-duplicate after multiple failures... Now im at 8TB left and need a "dedupliation tool" or just a list of some sort. I found this thread: Links to this: https://stablebit.com/Admin/IssueAnalysis/18743 Is it done yet? I want to prioritize my recovery process. Or at least se what files i will lose if i lose one more drive....
  4. If i start my "CloudDriveService" @ Win2016, refs.sys reboots my system to infinity. I can't even start the GUI. How can i pause/detach my drives so i can find the corrupted CloudDrive? (Settings.json? ProviderSettings.json?)
  5. From around beta the drivepool gui stops responding and services log stops updating... Now im on 877 and it crashes more frequently now.. I need to restart my server to get it working.. and with resyncing it takes me 2hours.. Can i reset the gui somehow or/and send a debug report?
  6. I spend almost 3hours every day trying to keep my CloudDrive+CloudPool setup alive. For me its a hard job with crashe and unresponsive system and GUIs. ReFS, NTFS, going virutal, going BETA, Clustersize, adding SSD, SSD Addon, cachesize... trying different providers, Dropbox, Azure, FTP, Google Drive, Local... Nothing keeps CloudDrives working more then some hours. But my latest problem is that im sleeping to long so CloudDrive removes my haddrives after dual bluescreens. When my drives are getting removed i see: [CloudDrives] Drive <ID> was previously unmountable. User is not retrying mount. Skipping. 10 drives is now 5 drives.. And now i need to force it....? So... what to do know? Start all over again? ok, this was not clouddrive related, i lost 2SSD´s with the last BSOD... sorry! but can i copy the cache folder to a new drive if i csn recover the data?
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