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  1. Hello again, thanks for the instructions and pointers. I have now tried both alternatives, installing first the latest public BETA (StableBit.DrivePool_2.1.0.432_x86_BETA.exe) and then the internal one (StableBit.DrivePool_2.1.0.486_x86_BETA.exe). Unfortunately this hasn't led to any change in behavior. I still get the BSOD in the same cases as described earlier. To proceed, would you be helped from a new memory dump with this latest installed version? Or do you perhaps have any other suggestions or workarounds based on previous findings? Please let me know how I can be of any assistance. Best regards /L
  2. Thanks for the info and for going ahead with the analysis. Much appreciated! Best /L
  3. Hi and thanks for swift ping back. I have now uploaded the MEMORY.DMP to the indicated destination. To make it a bit easier for you to connect the file with this thread I put this in the description: Regarding forum Topic: "Newly created DP seemingly causes BSOD when exposed to intense read/write" /Lurifax To your questions. - No, there's noting written about, or pointing to, any particular file in the BSOD. Aside from Msft's comforting phrases there isn't any other text helping in understanding the problem. And the error is merely described with the words "kernel mode exception not handled". - Version of DrivePool is x86 Another thing probably worth mentioning. When I unhide the drive pool root folders, on the actual hard drives, and launch a movie from the folder structure there - then it plays just fine. I will happily provide any other info relevant for you to investigate this. Thank you!
  4. Hi all, I just started evaluating Stablebit DP after having read in many places that it was superior to Storage Spaces. I'm equally new on this forum and nor very familiar with how to properly make these posts, what kind of info that may be relevant to to add initially or so. So I'll give it a try and hopefully I can supply any other relevant info on request. Situation and problem: I created a DP on my recently built Win8.1 machine. The pool consists of two 4TB WD Red. Brand new. OS runs on an Intel 120GB SSD. Brand new. I have started loading data on to the pool from external drives. This has worked fine. I can open documents and view images. That works fine. But when I try to open movies it halts for a sec right after the software launches and then I get the BSOD. Same thing happens when I try to create backups of drives/computers. After only a couple of seconds of writing it's the BSOD. Thus, is there seemingly a correlation between intense read/write activities and what causes the BSOD?. The message in the BSOD is along the lines of "kernel mode exception not handled". I've obviously goggled it a little but really only found that it seems to be a very generic type of message. I have also installed Stable bit Scanner after this occurred the first time. No indications of any HW related issues. So now I'm turning to you for help. I couldn't find any other topic on this, please forgive me if I missed something already covering this. In either case I'd be very happy to be pointed in the right direction for how to solve it. Thanks a bunch in advance!
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