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  1. Can somebody tell me how we re-authorized? I followed this guide: http://wiki.covecube.com/StableBit_CloudDrive_Q7941147 but now i no longer see Google Drive listed under my available connectable providers? Not sure what i did wrong.\ Edit: I've found the Reauthorize button, but Google Drive is now missing and i can no longer create a new drive? https://i.imgur.com/7iBJvUs.png
  2. GetdataBack Simple is working for me -- i could get a dir list at least and see the files. It's gonna take days til i'm done the deep scan, but i hope i can recover most things.
  3. What data recovery are people using? Recuva says no NTFS partition on my disk, i'm trying TestDisk now but it doesn't seem to find the lost partition either...
  4. Hey so after the outage the other day i have 1 disk doing this to me -- but my issue, i'm trying to follow the advice earlier, i can't clear the cache. I run the cmd countless times with the drive offline and pinning turned off, but the cache files never get deleted, they always persist. Chkdsk doesn't work to repair the drive, and it's seen as RAW, and file recovery says no NTFS file system exists, so i'm hoping to use this other method to bring it back to life -- any thoughts/suggestions?
  5. Here's where my situation differs, and i don't want to hijack the thread -- mine are local disks that this is happening too. And it's weird, both PC's suddenly have this issue and are showing errors in the system log like this: An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk4\DR4 during a paging operation. But i know the disks are fine -- i scan them with scanner and they come back clean -- and i have a hard time believing the controller card failed on both my PC's -- so i've rolled back drivepool to see if the errors stop, and i'm running a recovery program now to re
  6. Good point -- my bad. I've just downgraded to a previous version on one of my two system and i'm seeing if that resolves the issue for me going forward
  7. What version are you using? I've had this happen on 2 different PC's running drivepool and i'm starting to think something wrong is going on here.
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