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  1. Strange how it worked for me and doesn't do much for you. I don't use Drive Pool, but not sure whether that would make any difference. I hope support can point you in a good direction!
  2. That's a good suggestion, if I find myself in a situation like this again I'll be sure to give that a go. Either way, I'm just happy I managed to recover pretty much everything except a few gb of data. One good thing to come out of this is that it has encouraged to be set up a back up solution before expanding my library any further. Thanks,
  3. Hi, CHKDSK /F corrected the file system issue I was having, it repaired the file allocation tables and I could then access the directory structure on the drive. What I then had to do was enter each directory manually in file explorer and then wait a few minutes (it would appear to hang) depending on the size of the files present for it to "rediscover" everything. I use it for Plex media serving but until I manually entered each directory individually and waited for it to bring the files up in file explorer Plex wouldn't respond to any media I tried to play. I'm still going through some of the directories now. I've lost a couple of episodes for one or two shows, but they will be easy enough to replace. Touch wood though apart from those one or two lost episodes everything now appears to be working correctly. I thought it worth noting that it did appear to hang in file explorer when entering each of the directories for the first time, I gave up on the first occasion and was getting ready to trash the drive, but luckily I tried again, and waited for it to find the files. I'm not really sure what it was doing, but it was almost like Cloud Drive was rediscovering and re-indexing the files as there was a lot of download activity while file explorer appeared to hang. I hope this is helpful for somebody, and maybe you (and me) in the future if it happens again
  4. Update: It looks like CHKDSK has recovered the directory structure, although there appears to be a lot of data loss at this stage. Cloud Drive is transferring a lot of data when trying to access certain directories that appear to hang, so hopefully it's doing something magical.
  5. Hi there! I've got a data issue this morning. Been using Cloud Drive for a little while now, and for some reason, after rebooting my instance this morning the google drive I use, through cloud drive is mounting as RAW and is unreadable. It was fine a few hours ago when Plex was running it's usual over night maintenance. Any ideas? I've tried everything I can think off and cannot access the contents of the drive. Although looking at the stats everything is still there. The worrying thing is when looking at the service log it's indicating volume corruption... is there anyway anybody can think of that could allow me to recover my data. It's a 2Tb volume. Thanks, Chris.
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