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    KingfisherUK reacted to Edward in Do I need to be on Beta for apps?   
    Thanks guys
    I plucked up the courage and went to beta on all apps and connected to the new cloud thing.  Looking good!
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    KingfisherUK got a reaction from Edward in Do I need to be on Beta for apps?   
    Same here. The bonus with DrivePool is that if it fails you don't lose data, just the pooled drive itself. Worst come to worst, just reinstall the earlier version again.
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    KingfisherUK reacted to Spider99 in Scanner- sub menus - wrong location   
    anything above 1920x1200 does not work
    i have two other displays
    2560x1600 and 4k - they do not work
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    KingfisherUK reacted to Spider99 in Scanner- sub menus - wrong location   
    its a resolution issue - lower resolutions it works - higher does not
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    KingfisherUK reacted to Spider99 in Scanner - Column Chooser   
    Scanner is missing a couple of column options that exist in the app
    Age and Power - both of which i use - can these be added?
    Ping and Bay are also missing
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    KingfisherUK reacted to Spider99 in Dashboard - Split by PC   
    Could we have the option to split the dashboard by the a PC (host)
    having combined results - is not that useful as when there is an issue - there is no obvious why to tell which pc its on
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    KingfisherUK reacted to Alex in Introducing the StableBit Cloud   
    The StableBit Cloud is a brand new online service developed by Covecube Inc. that enhances our existing StableBit products with cloud-enabled features and centralized management capabilities. The StableBit Cloud also serves as a foundational technology platform for the future development of new Covecube products and services.
    To get started, visit: https://stablebit.cloud
    Read more about it in our blog post: https://blog.covecube.com/2021/01/stablebit-cloud/
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    KingfisherUK got a reaction from TeleFragger in My Rackmount Server   
    So, nearly two and a half years down the line and a few small changes have been made:
    Main ESXi/Storage Server
    Case: LogicCase SC-4324S
    OS: VMWare ESXi 6.7
    CPU: Xeon E5-2650L v2 (deca-core)
    Mobo: Supermicro X9SRL-F
    RAM: 96GB (6 x 16GB) ECC RAM
    GFX: Onboard Matrox (+ Nvidia Quadro P400 passed through to Media Server VM for hardware encode/decode)
    LAN: Quad-port Gigabit PCIe NIC + dual on-board Gigabit NIC
    PSU: Corsair CX650
    OS Drive: 16GB USB Stick
    IBM M5015 SAS RAID Controller with 4 x Seagate Ironwolf 1TB RAID5 array for ESXi datastores (Bays 1-4)
    Dell H310 (IT Mode - passed through to Windows VM) + Intel RES2SV240 Expander for Drivepool drives (Bays 5-24)
    Onboard SATA Controller with 240GB SSD (passed through to Media Server VM)
    ESXi Server (test & tinker box)
    HP DL380 G6
    OS: VMWare ESXi 6.5 (custom HP image)
    CPU: 2 x Xeon L5520 (quad core) 
    RAM: 44GB ECC DDR3
    2 x 750W Redundant PSU
    3 x 72GB + 3 x 300GB SAS drives (2 RAID5 arrays)
    Network Switch
    TP-Link SG-1016D 16-port Gigabit switch
    APC SmartUPS SMT1000RMI2U
    Storage pools on the Windows storage VM now total 34TB (mixture of 1,2 and 4TB drives) and still got 6 bays free in the new 24 bay chassis for future expansion.
    There's always room for more tinkering and expansion but no more servers unless I get a bigger rack!

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