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  1. Not to spam the thread but DrivePool is also throwing errors. Windows Event Log DrivePool.txt ErrorReport_2018_02_02-07_20_55.9.saencryptedreport ErrorReport_2018_02_02-07_20_56.0.saencryptedreport ErrorReport_2018_02_02-07_20_55.6.saencryptedreport ErrorReport_2018_02_02-07_20_55.7.saencryptedreport
  2. Greetings I have setup a Core server and have installed Scanner on it. It appears scanner is running fine but i am seeing occasional errors in the Event logs: Any thoughts on these? Thanks Windows Event Log.txt ErrorReport_2018_02_02-05_55_03.5.saencryptedreport ErrorReport_2018_02_02-06_22_47.5.saencryptedreport ErrorReport_2018_02_02-06_22_47.6.saencryptedreport ErrorReport_2018_02_02-05_55_03.4.saencryptedreport
  3. Perfect. I will check that out.
  4. So i am doing something outside the box and am wondering if DrivePool can do this. I see mentions of something similar but no real answer. So i have decided to build separate enclosures of drives and attach them to my server in more of a DIY Direct Attach System fashion. My goal is to have separate encloses holding 20 hard drives with maybe an ssd or two for cache. I would then pool each enclosure, then i would make one master pool from all the enclosures. The system is seeing the drives as attached drives and i can format them into one huge pool, but was thinking separate pools could be bette
  5. Greetings Folks. I am sorta new to the DrivePool and CloudDrive products and looking for a little help on set up. I am looking to use two cloud providers as drives in a DrivePool and i want them to essential duplicate or mirror the other. I have both drives setup with a local cache drive and i have my pool created with one of the CloudDrives and the SSD cache plug in. Are there any other steps to make sure the SSD cache is used for the initial writing if i turn on the Pool File Duplication? is this the option i want? Also what is the best way to do it so that the mirror happens in the back gr
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