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  1. So it doesn't look good then. Well thanks anyway. Does the 2722 support PM Enclosures? I can't find much solid evidence. Highpoint talk of point-to-point support of 8 drives. A couple of vendor sites state "supports 20 drives" which I assume is a cut and pasted from some other spec. If the 2722 did support PM then I would have thought you would be looking at a potential 40 drives (8 * 5). I bought the RR644Ls as I picked them up from Amazon Warehouse for £38 each ($57) which is cheap for eSata ports and I have a load of enclosured drives. Oh well I guess I will have to use the High
  2. Building a new server, primarily for media serving, and having some problems getting Scanner to read S.M.A.R.T data Current configuration: Asrock Z97 board with Pentium G3258 (at stock speed) running Win 7 Pro 2 x Highpoint RocketRaid 644L Controllers (I know these are the problem!) 2 x External 4-bay Enclosures 4 x Samsung 500GB in one enclosure - Attached to 1st RR card 1 x Seagate 8TB in the other - Attached to 2nd RR card Latest Highpoint Driver Latest Highpoint Bios The RR cards don't play nicely together if you install more than one, and the advice from Highpoint is to dis
  3. Christopher, Thank you so very much for the prompt reply. The support from Stablebit/Covecube is always excellent, I just wish I could evangelise about your products and service. Regrettably I know noone else who needs them. I will give it a try. Thanks
  4. Hi, I have seen several references on the web regarding the use of Server Core edition, as installed by Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2012 R2, Can Scanner and DrivePool be installed (and function) on this "lo-fat" version of Server 2012. My reason for asking is that Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2012 R2 is available for an Unlimited Evaluation period, which is a price I like. Thanks
  5. I have considered the situation that with a large library I would not know what I had lost in the event of disk failure. What I have done is mount all pool drives as folders under a common folder "/mount". I then catalogue this folder using a program called VVV (Virtual Volumes View). I used to use Kathy for cataloguing but VVV allows a csv export of the entire catalogue. This way I have a record of the location of every file within the pool. My only problem is remebering to keep the VVV catalogue updated
  6. As far as I know, you can do just that. I think that you are advised to stop the Drivepool service before, then restart the service when you have finished. Also you would presumably want to disable the Balancers. However this is just my understanding, as a new user. I suggest you wait for a definitive statement from Alex or Christopher, I am sure one of them will appear before long.
  7. Thank you. As a silver surfer it is nice to know that I am not going senile. You guys offer amazing support. Nigel
  8. Assuming the case of say 8 disks, D1 through D8 where OFP has D1 as highest priority to D8 with lowest priority. If I understand correctly if the MUSIC folder was set to use File Placement Balancer on D1 and D2 then MUSIC would go first to D1 until full and then to D2. However other files would also be placed on D1 by the OFP unless excluded, by other FP rules. Which is not what was hoped for. However if the MUSIC folder was "assigned" to say D7 and D8 then the OFP wouldn't start to place non-MUSIC files on D7 and D8 until the pool was nearly full. So the question then is, would the OF
  9. Christopher, Thank you for the prompt answer. I will keep watching the beta releases.
  10. Apologies in advance if this has already been addressed. When using Folder placement, is it possible to specify the order in which the nominated drives are filled, or are files within the folder distributed across the nominated drives. To clarify (I hope). If I have a folder Music which I wish to keep as consolidated as possible, can I specify store all "Music" files on Drive 1 until Drive 1 is filled (to say 90%), and then store any further "Music" files on Drive 2. It doesn't seem clear if that is what happens or if "Music" files are simply distributed across all of the drives allowe
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