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  1. i'm having the same issue. I tried to run the tool to reset NTFS permissions, and it said i don't have permission...what is going on?? I can' view files, play videos from the pool, i can create files by going to the actual drive letter and in to the serverfolders, but if i go to my pooled drive (locally or remotely) i can not create a file.
  2. I've had no trouble sharing with WHS (though i've had some other issues in the past), but i've decided to rebuild the server with newer technology. I installed windows 10 on a new server, installed drivepool and hooked up my disks, but i can't seem to share anything. I have set both the drivepool "drive" itself as shared to everyone, turned off password sharing and set up everything i could based on troubleshooting sites (apparently windows 10 and sharing is not an easy task given the type of OS this is). I can not access anything from my laptop thats on the network (i have yet to try the SMB shares on my streaming hardware hooked to my tv). I just keep getting this error: "You do not have access to \\win10server\videos". Contact your network administrator to request access. Note: if i create a share on my C drive with the same techniques above (not in the pool) i can see the share fine, it's only the drivepool folders that have issues.
  3. So i'll start by answering my own question. The drives do all appear exactly as they did in WHS. However, I can not for the life of me figure out how to share the drivepool so that it's accessible in windows 10. I can see the folders but i get an error whenever i try to open one. I have gone through every possible tutorial on sharing with windows 10 and nothing works. It seems its only possible to share the folders individually inside of the drivepool, you can't share the whole thing as I did in WHS.
  4. I'm having a ton of issues with my whs 2011 setup (not sure if it's all drive based, OS based or Drivepool at this point), but i'm thinking of starting over with a newer OS. If i do that and install the drives will Stablebit recognize that they are all part of a pool and be able to "piece it back together"? Or do i start over and add one drive at a time physically copying files to the folder?
  5. what was the actual error? i'm having major problems and i tried removing all of my drives in a dead tower and want to move a few of them in to the internal sata ports. The first went ok but the second did not want to remove and the server crashed. Now i can't copy anything to the pool folders, i keep getting errors like: Unable to create the folder "foldernamehere" system error 65535 And when copying files i keep getting the error: Can't read from the source file or disk ( I can copy these same files to another hard drive, just not in to the pool)
  6. How do i tell what is missing now? I only have one folder duplicated (home photos) in my WHS drivepool settings. The disk is clicking when i try to hook it up via an external interface and does not show up in windows...It is one of 11 drives, so i have no idea what was on it, is there a log or a file i can get any ideas? I remember when drives lasted more than 2 years or so...
  7. Thanks, i have two of the same towers and for a long time only one had the issue, now it sort of goes back and forth. I have changed the cables, the pc has a new power supply...i have also changed the controller card, however it's the same brand (each unit came with one). I will look in to the other card you recommended. On a side note, should i upgrade to the V2 of Drive Pool or stick with the older one that was WHS specific?
  8. Thank you, i do not have Scanner. This is WHS 2011, using two Sans Digital 5 bay towers (not great but all i could afford): LIke this: http://www.sansdigital.com/towerraid/tr5mb.html - using the card that came with them. I have swapped the cards out with my backup (same card) and it didn't seem to help anything. It used to always be one of the towers that crashed but recently it has gone back and forth between them. It will work for weeks, then crash a few days in a row, very mysterious.
  9. I've had on ongoing issues with my media server going offline while watching movies or copying files (from the server not to it). I have two esata 5 drive towers and when it happens one of them will show all drives offline. Recently i've been watching the event logs and notices around the time of the crashes it's showing i have a bad block on a drive. I assumed maybe i had a drive about to fail but tonight it happened again and it was a different drive. Then when i checked the past 2 days there was yet another drive saying bad block. Could all my drives be failing at the same time, or is something going on in Drivepool and windows doens't know how to register the error?
  10. Thanks. So if i'm just testing (i have a new drive in installed with windows 8 on it) i can install stablebit in win 8, add the drives to the pool, create my shares, and if i don' tlike it i can just plug my HD with WHS 2011 back in and it will still work as usual? i.e. drivepool will not change anything on the hard drives themselves between the 2 os's?
  11. I'm thinking of moving from WHS 2011 to Windows 8. I currently have a WHS installation using Drivepool with 10 disks connected via 2 Sans digital 5 bay towers in JBOD. Is there a really easy way to just install the new OS, connect the towers, install drive pool for windows 8 and have it recognize my shares as they were in WHS 2011? Can i then uninstall my license and use the license on windows 8? Thanks.
  12. Other than folder duplication, i'm not sure what else i get? I have network issues and the card i got does not work with whs 2011 and i'm wondering if i should just give up and use Win 8 as my media "server" (I don't currently schedule any type of backups)
  13. Note, even if the tower didn't go offline the copy is now failing on an 18gb file. I'm updaing stablebit in hopes that helps. EDIT: It did not help. I tried rebooting in Win 7 (dual boot) instead of Win 8 for fun...that didn't help. Interestingly it seems i'm actually getting a network error now (at least when the drives don't go offline). I have one drive that is not part of the Stablebit Pool, and i was able to copy to that one but it did so at a really slow rate. 3.85 avg MB/s (wired network, server is only 10/100 nic, client is a gigabit). It took almost 40 min's to copy an 8gb file, which is about 3 times slower than i'm used to. I'm really at a loss right now for what's going on. EDIT 2: Whenever i copy any file to the server it goes from 10mb/s drops to 0mbs after about 5 seconds, then pauses, then goes back up, then drops, over and over. When i copy to a stablebit share it just cancels the copy with a network error. Any ideas what could cause this?
  14. Unfortunately i just checked my server, and it's already off (maybe i tried that a while ago and forgot :|) My error says this (but how do you open these encrypted logs??): Log Name: Application Source: StableBit Scanner Date: 2/12/2014 7:38:36 PM Event ID: 0 Task Category: None Level: Error Keywords: Classic User: N/A Computer: CHRISWHS Description: Error report file saved to: C:\ProgramData\StableBit Scanner\Service\ErrorReports\ErrorReport_2014_02_12-07_38_36.0.saencryptedreport Exception: CoveTroubleshooting.Reporter+ReporterLogException: {reporter_exception} at CoveTroubleshooting.Reporter.ThrowLogReportN(Exception TheException, Object[] TheParams) at CoveUtil.ErrorReporting..(Exception ) Event Xml: <Event xmlns='http://schemas.microsoft.com/win/2004/08/events/event'><System><Provider Name='StableBit Scanner'/><EventID Qualifiers='0'>0</EventID><Level>2</Level><Task>0</Task><Keywords>0x80000000000000</Keywords><TimeCreated SystemTime='2014-02-13T00:38:36.000000000Z'/><EventRecordID>109569</EventRecordID><Channel>Application</Channel><Computer>CHRISWHS</Computer><Security/></System><EventData><Data>Error report file saved to: C:\ProgramData\StableBit Scanner\Service\ErrorReports\ErrorReport_2014_02_12-07_38_36.0.saencryptedreport Exception: CoveTroubleshooting.Reporter+ReporterLogException: {reporter_exception} at CoveTroubleshooting.Reporter.ThrowLogReportN(Exception TheException, Object[] TheParams) at CoveUtil.ErrorReporting..(Exception ) </Data></EventData></Event> ..and just when i thought things couldn't get worse, for the first time ever the other tower went offline while copying a large file tonight.
  15. I'm not sure if this is a hardware, software, or disk issue as of yet... One of my two Sans Digital TRM5B towers always goes offline when copying multiple large files to either a USB drive or across the network. It will often also go offline while streaming a movie. There will only be one light on after it\"goes offline" and i must restart the server to get it to "reattach" to Windows Home Server. I have tried swapping the connections to the esata card, new cables, i'm about to swap all the drives between the two (does stablebit have an issue finding the drives in the correct place after that? i'm using them in JBOD) I did notice some errors in the event log from Stable bit (i will update this when i get home with the exact errors). Does this sound like a Stablebit issue, a Sans Digital issue or bad drive(s)?
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