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CloudDrive Game Drive Server Sync



So i am trying to think a little outside the box here. So what i have is a Windows machine running DrivePool as my NAS. I have a gaming computer that has a 1TB m.2 game drive. What i would like to do is maybe use CloudDrive in a way that i can "expand" my 1TB game drive with my NAS and be able to download all my game libraries (which exceed 3TBs right now, in a way that it caches the games i currently play on the local m.2 drive but the rest of the library is on the NAS. Steam, Oculus, Epic, GOG, etc,  would all see the games as if they are installed; however they just happen to be on the NAS for now until i am ready to play. Is this doable? Can i dictate on the gaming machine which files to maintain local until i am ready to move them in to "archive" for another game?


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You can definitely do (most) of this.    

You can't specify which data to keep locally, but it should be intelligent about what to keep.  Eg, the most often you use stuff, the more it will keep that data in the cache.  And if you're using a 1TB  drive, and set the cache to use most or all of that drive as the cache, it will fill up that  drive, and keep all of that content in the cache. 


However, keep in mind that on the NAS, you'd see the disk data chunks and not the game files. 

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