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  1. @srcrist@RG9400@ksnell Thank you guys for bringing it up! One question - are those individual keys for all configured Google Drives? This entry in %PROGRAMDATA%\StableBit CloudDrive\ProviderSettings.json is a global entry, so what will happen if I will setup the keys for Google Account A while in CloudDrive I have configured Google Drive A, Google Account B and so on? Based on the fact it worked so far with StableBit keys - I would assume this should work, but does anybody tried that? Last thing I want to mess my CD setup.... :|
  2. And that helped Thank you, need to add it to my KB, but it looks like dirty workaround rather than proper solution.
  3. Nah - 'Repair' did not solve the issue. And I have a dejavu - I think I already experienced this issue but I can't find where... :|
  4. Local service is not affecting GUI connected to remote host. It can be stopped, restarted etc - GUI & remote host combo will still work. My host machine was restarted a couple of times last few days and the problem persist. It could be IU will try to run installer once again and select 'Repair' option. Thank you for this suggestion! And CCleaner is not something I would recommend by the way https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CCleaner#Security_flaws
  5. Hello, Scanner was used to control instance on remote machine. Now I would like to go back to local but... can't :| In the top left drop down 'Connect to' I can only see two remote servers, there is no local machine. I checked and service is running. Any hints how to switch back? Thank you!
  6. No - I'm doing the quick format and - more or less - I understand the difference. Ok, thank you!
  7. Hello, Let's say I have a cloud based drive - 500GB total size, 50GB of data on this drive - with 25GB already in the cloud and 25GB as 'to upload' and uploading. And at that stage for whatever reason I need to format such drive and start again - for the sake of this scenario let's say it was unrecoverable chkdisk error and format is the only solution. So I'm formatting the drive - the drive in system shows as empty - full 500GB of space is available. I'm copying 10GB of new data and now I have this: total size of drive - 500GB (new) data on the drive - 10GB
  8. With the amount of data I'm using that should not be an issue. So far it is still below $1.0 Apart from that I got daily cap warnings set up so I don't think that could come as surprise!
  9. In the very latest beta the B2 provided has been added Downloaded, installed, set up and using already. Thank you guys!
  10. Thank you - good point. I had it set to something non-default already but most likely during some re-installation this has been lost. But hey - I just noticed something in change log Thank you once again and will test that next few days! .988 * Added an option to automatically retry mounting drives. See "Automatically retry mounting" under Options. - Drives that were unmounted due to an incorrect or missing encryption key, an unknown storage provider, or damaged metadata will not retry mounting automatically.
  11. No. You wouldn't want this. This can cause issues, it could cause serious performance/reliability issues? Like would you use a drive long term that would randomly and frequently disconnect from the USB hub? No, I wouldn't. But what I meant by "feature that will automatically re-connect cloud drives" is some functionality that will perform exactly the same action as user from the front end by clicking 'Retry' - that's all. Every x minutes if drive gets disconnected. If there will be no connectivity - nothing will happen. But if the connectivity will be back - drive will
  12. There is a couple of issues and questions about measuring. Why it is not optimized / cached / smarter? Case 1: If there is a pool of 2 or more drives and one is disconnected for whatever reason - once the drive is back entire pool is measured. If that is large, cloud based pool with a lot of small files - a short interruption in connectivity triggers hours of measuring. Would that be possible to cache results of previous measure run and measure only the drive that was reconnected? Case 2: Four cloud based drives CLD1, CLD2, CLD3 and CLD4 are coupled in two
  13. I experienced that on 976 as well, but not that often as before. One thing I noticed - this 'Reauthorize' requests can be ignored and will disappear after a while - sometimes after 3 minutes sometimes after 6 hours. I never yet experienced drive to be disconnected after this 'Reauthorize' message.
  14. Hello, Is there a way to move CloudPart.xxxxxxxx folder, where metadata and cache is stored from one location to another within the same machine without destroing and recreating entire drive? In my case - from P:\CloudPart.xxxxx to Q:\CloudPart.xxxxx ..?
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