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    jmone reacted to p3x-749 in Q: 2 x M1015 or 1 x M1015 + RES2CV360?   
    ...just to chime in here...remember that expanders have firmware too.
    I am running 1x M1015 + 1x RES2SV240 in my 24bay rig for 5+ years now....I remember that there was a firmware update for my expander that improved stability with S-ATA drives (which is the standard usecase for the majority of the semi-pro users here, I think).
    Upgrading the firmware could be done with the same utility as for the HBA, as far as I remember...instructions were in the firmware readme
    Edit: here's a linbk for a howto: https://lime-technology.com/forums/topic/24075-solved-flashing-firmware-to-an-intel-res2xxxxx-expander-with-your-9211-8i-hba/?tab=comments#comment-218471
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    jmone got a reaction from Jaga in Q: 2 x M1015 or 1 x M1015 + RES2CV360?   
    A couple of pics (one from MSM), + one of my brand new Mid Plane mounting solution (I'm now just using the 2 x SFF-8088 to 8088 Cables to connect to the M1015 and I'll leave the others if I ever need to use the External SFF Board for more storage goodness).  Love how you can just plug these expanders in and they just work without any mucking around.  


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    jmone reacted to Christopher (Drashna) in Q: 2 x M1015 or 1 x M1015 + RES2CV360?   
    Either would be fine, actually.
    I've used both configurations, and neither has any issues. 
    If you go this way, you only need to hook up a single cable to the expander.  You don't need both cables connected.
    You mean HighPoint card?  *shudders*.  No.
    My personally recommendation is to go with the single controller and the SAS expander.  It will get you the most drives connected. 
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    jmone reacted to Christopher (Drashna) in REFS in pool   
    I think you'd need to format the volume, unfortunately. 
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    jmone got a reaction from Christopher (Drashna) in REFS in pool   
    ...also there is a good table here that shows what version of ReFS is supported by what Windows Version
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    jmone reacted to Christopher (Drashna) in My Rackmount Server   
    Every time I add a new dick disk >:(
    And I've posted about it on the MS forums, "sorry, we cannot reproduce it"......
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    jmone got a reaction from Christopher (Drashna) in My Rackmount Server   
    I Still have to refer to this thread when adding a new drive to my WS2012r2 server to get the Dashboard working (so I'll put all the bits in so I can find it next time!!!):
    1) Add Drive(s)
    2) From an elevated CMD Prompt --> "wbadmin delete catalog"
    3) Restart WseMgmtSvc
    4) Run Dashboard and re-setup the server backup
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    jmone reacted to Christopher (Drashna) in Any update on REFS?   
    That's .... well, yeah, memory issues can cause all sorts of odd behavior! 
    Hopefully, this does fix the issue for you.
    Also, if you ever need the MSI file, we stores those separately, actually.  Check out the "Managed_Deployment" folder.  You'll find an MSI for almost every version. 
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    jmone got a reaction from Christopher (Drashna) in Any update on REFS?   
    So I managed to flush the MetaFile back to a few 100K using my mem util and rebooting (several times).  DP is now "checking" all the files and as it is doing that the MetaFile is growing steadily.  At the Checking 20% mark I've lost 6GB to the MetaFile so far.....and at:
    - 25%, 8.5GB
    - 50%, 24GB
    - it then seemed to "stopped" growing when it hits 26GB!
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    jmone got a reaction from Christopher (Drashna) in Any update on REFS?   
    Thanks - I'll also give this a go.  I'm not running out of memory to the point that Windows halt just very heavy mem usage after a day
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    jmone reacted to browned in Any update on REFS?   
    From my works perspective (Windows 2016, Veeam, 90+TB, Moved to 64k ReFS format, Add 64GB Ram) MS has fixed the issue as long as you use 64k ReFS format, fit as much RAM as possible, and add a registry key or two.
    We are using Option 1 registry key only.
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    jmone got a reaction from AlexL in My Rackmount Server   
    Check this out for ugly (both in looks and components)
    - Lian Li Case with 6HDD bays + a 5 in 3 Drive Enclosure.  Using Mobo SATA ports and cheap $20 PCI 1.5Gbps sata cards
    - HotBay 8 Bay drive enclosure connected by USB 3
    - Ghetto UPS (it actually provides UPS for my PC and Comms main equipment in the house not this backup server)
    2nd Pic is all this same gear relocated into my Rack.  The plan is to replace the Lian LI and Hotbay cases with a rackmount one (as well as "better" SATA cards - but oddly this setup has just worked!).
    Thanks for the link to that SAS Expander but it is 3-4x the price of a second M1115... or am I missing something?

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    jmone got a reaction from Christopher (Drashna) in Thoughts on backup of drives?   
    I run two pools on separate PC's in different parts of the house (to also help with Fire, Theft etc).  I use Free File Sync to "preview" changes between the pools before I commit the sync (to catch any unwanted deletes, changes etc getting into the backup pool).  It is worth every cent to have a 2nd pool as with 50TB of into I do not want to have to re-rip all my content if something happens (which I have to once before prior to this setup and it took many weeks!).
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    jmone reacted to Christopher (Drashna) in REFS in pool   
    Well, that's not really powershell-y.
    that would be:
    format-volume -driveletter X: -filesystem ReFS - setIntegrityStreams $True -allocationunitsize 64k
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    jmone got a reaction from Christopher (Drashna) in REFS in pool   
    More as a note to myself, PSShell cmd:  format d: /fs:refs /i:enable /q /A:64K will format with 64K Sectors, ReFS V3.2, Enable Integratry and do a quick format.  (I'm having to do this on my laptop using a USB HDD Dock for now given my main PC with the pool can no longer format ReFS on the current Windows Insider builds).
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    jmone got a reaction from Antoineki in Windows Insider Build 16232 - can not format ReFS   
    Just a heads up - My PC upgraded to Windows Insider Build 16232 and I can no longer format HDD as ReFS (both in the GUI and in PowerShell - comes back as unsupported).  I've seen some posts saying there are issues with ReFS / Storage Spaces with 16232.  I'm trying to get 16241 to see if that works.
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    jmone got a reaction from Christopher (Drashna) in REFS in pool   
    FYI I found in my wanderings you can specify to turn on Integraty during the format and also select what version of ReFS you want to format, eg:
    format e: /fs:refs /i:enable = ReFS V3.2
    format e: /fs:refsv1 /i:enable = ReFS V1.2
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    jmone got a reaction from Antoineki in V767 BSOD (APC Index Mismatch) trying to Remove a Drive   
    V767 looks pretty good (I like the addition of the ReFS drives) but I'm having an issue when trying to remove a Drive.  I've tried a couple of time to remove a drive but both times got a BSOD with a APC Index Mismatch.  I'm now moving the files manually with the DriveServer service stopped between drives and the only thing I can see is I have some directories with Full Stops in them that Windows does not like, but I'm not sure if this is the issue.  Windows did create Mini Dumps (Attached).
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    jmone reacted to Christopher (Drashna) in Refs and storage spaces   
    Nope.  At least not without an update.  The VM I have of 2016, it shows up as RAW. 
    I suspect that this will be the case until the server gets it's version of the Creator's Update, or a cumulative update to patch this. 
    As for the differences ..... it's impossible to tell without good documentation, or reverse engineering. 
    That said, I've already alerted Alex to this, and it sounds like ReFS support is going to be at the top of the list (at least for Scanner, at first). 
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    jmone got a reaction from Christopher (Drashna) in Swap HDD (add new, remove old) - Some Feedback   
    Thanks - It's all done and working fine.  I'll be doing more swaps soonish as I upgrade another 4tb drive to 8tb.  I don't use duplication on the pool (I have another pool on another server that a use to Backup this pool from).
    FYI my use case is pretty simple:
    - For BD Rips use the 8TB Seagate Archive Drives and fill them up one at a time and in order
    - For other items (video editing, VM images, prog files etc) use the 4TB Hitachi 7200 drives
    - I've even turned off the SSD option
    - Once or week or so I do a compare with the 2nd backup pool on the other server (using FreeFileSync) before committing any changes to this pool (in case of accidental deletes etc).
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    jmone got a reaction from Atarres in Refs and storage spaces   
    Just reporting back after a couple of months with 0 issues using ReFS on both my pools.
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    jmone got a reaction from Christopher (Drashna) in Experiences with Seagate 8TB Archive SMR?   
    I have a bunch of the 8TB Seagates in 2 x 40TB Pools that hold my BD Rips - Works great (I have 4TB Hitachi as my "landing drives").
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    jmone got a reaction from Christopher (Drashna) in 10GB connection between two pools - performance tips?   
    Yup,  such a "pool aware" utility would be perfect!
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    jmone got a reaction from Christopher (Drashna) in 10GB connection between two pools - performance tips?   
    So got it all installed and working.  With large files copies, I used to get a max of 110MB/s between the pools over the network (eg maxing out a single Gigabit Link).  I now get a max of 150MB/s, some 36% faster (eg maxing out the single HDD at each end).  But as I now how heaps of 10Gb goodness, I also can now kick off a 2nd (or 3rd, 4th etc) copy between other HDD and get another max of 150MB/s per disk.
    I've had to twice copy all the contents from one pool to another (40TB mix of large, med and small files).  It took almost a week over Gigabit.  Just the extra 36% would cut days of that.... but in addition I could kick off a copy (outside DrivePool) for each drive in my pool and such a task would then be well under a day.
    It would be nice to have "FreeFileSync" style compare/sync between pools in DrivePool as it could then support a thread per physical drive instead of one per pool.
    Note: I started to look at 10Gb when Intel / MS no longer supported teaming / VLAN on their Dual NIC cards under Windows 10.   Look like they have now fixed this (MS released patches, Intel has verified, and plan to issue an updated driver in June).
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    jmone reacted to Christopher (Drashna) in My Rackmount Server   
    Well, for the dashboard stuff ..... make sure all the WSE services are running on the service. Especially the "management" service. If it's not, see if the "Block level backup service" is running or not.  If not .... try running "wbadmin delete catalog" on the server (from an admin command prompt), and then re-setup the server backup. 
    And to make a point here.. I have to do this every f****ing time I add a disk, as the M1015 card I have enumerates the disks before the built in Intel controller .... and it causes this issue. 
    It's annoying, frustrating, and because Microsoft "cannot reproduce it", I get ignored. Despite the fact that I can reproduce this issue AT WILL. 
    And very nice looking, overall.
    And sorry to hear the SAS cables are ... basically too short. I have nice long cables, Too long, in fact. But better to be too long than too short. 
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