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  1. x-post Hi Christopher, I am aware of the command line options, but deem it an ugly solution since the reason for using Windows for NAS is to get away from the cmd line hassle Since Drivepool already scans the filesystem like all the time, I would like to propose creating .txt files as place holders every time Drivepool moves a file. BR, A
  2. Hi Christopher, I am aware of the command line options, but deem it an ugly solution since the reason for using Windows for NAS is to get away from the cmd line hassle Since Drivepool already scans the filesystem like all the time, I would like to propose creating .txt files as place holders every time Drivepool moves a file. BR, A
  3. Crossposting here from HW forum, for visibility.
  4. Yesterday one of my disks turned to RAW, then the partition turned to a blank partition, so I had to forcefully remove it from DrivePool! Since its NTFS, I downloaded TestDisk ( https://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk_Step_By_Step ) and repaired the partition list. After a reboot, drive turned up all good and drivepool picked it up without a hitch! Thank god for keeping it simple with NTFS and DrivePool! EDIT: One of the things that really annoyed me with DrivePool was that I couldn't see what was missing once the drive took a dive. You have something in the works about that @Christopher (Drashna) ?
  5. Another update; to get my 2,5 to sit firmly in this device, I bought these caddys https://www.aliexpress.com/item/FRU00FC28-2-5-to-3-5-SSD-transform-Tray-Caddy-for-03x3835-03T8898/32795467164.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.RIfXCz
  6. Hi! After a few months one of the drives went haywire making the whole array to behave inconsistently, but a good old "chkdsk c: /r /scan /perf" brought it back to life. As for the fans, they are 3-pins yes, and worked fine in other mobos, but I guess the pins on the power supply wasnt outputting what needed to be outputed.. The enclose doesnt mind if a fan doesnt exist inside the PSU no. I took the cable from the PSU, split that for both fans to work. This does mean that BOTH fans stop working if the unit is plugged in but without any of the disks are turned on, so use with caution! BR, Alex
  7. Hi, I also had issues with SSD not being emptied in a timely fashion (as are many users it would seem, judging by the amount of posts in this forum alone) so my only solution was to put a few SSD's into a Storage Spaces volume thus having a large enough capacity to begin with. Still takes time for the SSD optimizer to move files but having a larger faster blurb did it for me. BR
  8. Unless your SSD's are big, dont forget to Storage Space them into one big chunk. Else you will fall for the "240gb video file will not be written to a single 240GB SSD, even if you have a second 240GB SSD standing by".
  9. I uploaded my scnshots. Please have a look see. thanks
  10. Hi, The files are still not moving from the SSD pool after many days although the Balancing ratio is set to 100% as you suggested. I sent troubleshooting logs with a ref to this thread. Please check and get back, I need to make a decision in 4 days until the trial ends.. Thanks, A
  11. Sorry, I panicked in the dead of the night and didn't get a chance to explain. Let me rephrase my user story. Drive Pool: 10x NTFS drives (Icybox diskN) 1x Storage Spaces (SSD Pool) - containing 2 SSD's one Intel, one Micron. Balancers: SSD Optimizer - SSD Pool selected as SSD, rest as archive. Fill SSD and archives to 99% Scanner Duplication space optimizer - Not sure if i enabled this after the fact. Balancing was set to 70%, no real time duplication enabled, no file rules, balancing immediately. SSD pool was empty in the morning, started disk image upload via SMB, verified that I was writing to the SSDs and left for work. 17:00, I come home, I had managed to move 200gb by 14:00 or so the logs say, no balancing activity was being done on DP, even tho I did have more than 200GB left on a few drives. I start my usual test of copy a big file from non-DP system ssd disk to the storage spaces and see the transfer rate go UP (Intel slab) then it goes down (Micron slab) to 30mb/s from 230! I want to troubleshoot this, naturally so I click remove SSD and it starts moving the files from the SSDs to the archive disks. In the bkg the mac keep trying to reconnect to continue backing up and all of the sudden I get an error msg on the mac saying 'access denied' on the upload. Odd, so I verify if I can create a new folder in the share which is a NO although this folder has been duplicated many days ago to several drives. I logon to the machine itself and try creating a folder withing the same folder, access denied. I can see the duplicated folder on a few drives so i should receive any errors should my writes/reads now go to the same folder on other drives. So I panic, write this...not well worded error report...and run the troubleshooter emailing as drivepool@l......e After a while DP manages to move all the data off from the SSD Storage Space, I check the Micron and no SMART errors and no weirdness, just super slow. I test another USB enclosure and I get the same slow speed. I replace that disk and install to the main DP which seems to work. Since I need the files OFF that ssd storage spaces pool, I set the Balance ratio to 1%, I also disabled Read stripping because I read somewhere it might be slowing me down. And a bunch of other radical changes as the default behavior obviously doesn't suit me. So thats my user story, along with full logs, at least those I could get, I wish I had the logs from the whole day before. As for the balance ratio, I get the desired super aggresive behavior of having a balance ratio of 1% or 1gb, but I should set it to 100% instead ? Now your answer indicates I should have 2x SSDs selected , so I am reading: "If you are using duplicated files, then you should specify multiple SDD disks or else the system will fall back to an Archive disk for one or more of the file parts." I am using file duplication, but the problem seems to me that I was writing big files to the SSD, that where never balanced off, or duplicated for that matter. And as soon as I clicked remove it felt like DP went all "read-only!!" on me.
  12. Are these SSDs in a Storage Spaces array, as well as in the pool? If so, that ... may be why your'e seeing the performance hit. > 1 of the disks was bad Also, what version of StableBit DrivePool are you on? > 651 BETA And was the drive still being removed when you started getting the access denied errors? > Yes, sent all logs through the tool as well. Thing is, balancing is now super aggressive so the files should've been duplicated/moved but seemed to be only on the ssd storage pool. However, this for me is a huge show stopper, that I all of the sudden cannot access my own drives. Should I try STABLE (ie 1.x) ?
  13. So I noticed severe drops in speed on my storage space SSDs, and wanted to check it out. My disk images where doing their thing to archive folders [since the ssds had not been balanced out for the whole day, another strange issue], and when I removed the SSDs from DP, Trueimage comes back saying it gets access denied. Trying to create a new folder on that windows share gave permission errors. DP now has permission denied from within the OS as well. Troubleshooter uploading now to get you guys some view, but so far it seems I might have to stop using DP when the trial ends
  14. Crash in beta, full lockup even... Huge incoming file, going from realtime dup to nothing crashes the UI. Tried restarting the svc - locked up the whole server. guessing it was moving files in the bkg, and i cant touch it until its done, even with the file transfer stopped thnx for answering!
  15. An update here, since even having 1 ssd drivepool in the main drivepool as cache wont work (i guess), i made a storage space of the 2 ssds and added them to the main drivepool. Now I got 330gb of SSD write cache. But I need to force DrivePool move EVERYTHING from that "disk" (again 2 ssds in SS) as soon as I am done writing to the file to make room for the next file. How do I achieve this Christopher ?
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