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  1. Hi, If using the SSD Optimizer is there any way to exclude certain files / folders so not to use the SSD's and write directly to the HDDs. I store some vhdx files on the pool, and (unless just updated blocks are written onto the SSD, and not the whole file) I wouldn't want those to be written to the SSDs as the SSD's are only 240GB and the vhdx files 100GB.
  2. Bic

    Corrupt pool / disk

    Thanks, I rebooted the server, and watched it come up. The M1015 BIOS showed all 4 disks, and the "details" for them. Then when windows came up all the 4 disk were showing in "My Computer", and also in DrivePool. DrivePool did a re-duplication, and it came across 1 file that it said was different between 2 disks, so I told it to fix. So, will just have to wait and see what happens over the next hours / days / months. Not sure why Scanner didn't pick up any issues, I did get a "missing" disks error from it, but that was only after I did a disk re-scan in Device manager last night, a
  3. Bic

    Corrupt pool / disk

    So, I tried to remove the drive, I selected remove, and then left the 2 tick boxes blank, but it came up with Error Removing Drive, and clicking on Error Details comes up with "The request failed due to a fatal device hardware error". So I tried again with the Force damaged driver removal and duplicate files later check boxes selected, but got the same. Went into Windows Device Manager, and selected a Rescan, this showed 2 of the disks as "Not initialized", I then did a Rescan Disks, and this now doesn't show them as all. The disks are attached to a M1015 card in IT mode, and the Windo
  4. Bic

    Corrupt pool / disk

    I am running Windows 2012R2, and I have 4 * 3 TB drives in a pool, with 2 * data duplication set. On Sunday I woke up to an alert from Scanner saying I had a bad disk. The GUI showed that the overnight (monthly) scan had detected a bad sector on one of my disks. I ran the file identify / recovery tool, and that said no files were affected. I then marked all the sectors on the disk as unchecked, and started a scan again, and this time all completed ok. I assumed that either there wasn’t really a bad sector, or that the disk had auto re-mapped it, however the SMART info doesn’t show any rema
  5. Ok, thanks. If it's "normal" then that's ok, as long as the files are being duplicated (and I think they are). I just noticed it, and thought I would raise it with you.
  6. Logs uploaded.
  7. So, I installed the above Beta, but still get the same issue. After a reboot (with all my VM's stopped) it said that I have 102 GB of other, but I then remembered that I still had a VHDX file of about 56 GB "mounted" at the time to the host machine, so I dismounted it and ran re-measure and it then said I had 1.14 GB of other which would seem about right. I then re-mounted this VHDX file and also started up my VM's and then after another re-measure it said I had 288 GB of other. This is almost exactly double the size of all "in-use" VHDX files of 144 GB. So, it seems that it doesn't li
  8. Hi, running Drivepool and Scanner on Windows 2012R2 with 4 * 3TB drives. Added the disks to a pool and set for (2 *) duplication. There is currently no other data stored on any of the disks. I was adding VHDX files to my Virtual Machines yesterday, storing them on the Drivepool drive, and noticed that as I was adding them the value of “Other” was going up under the Drivepool interface. Looking in My Computer I have used about 0.4 TB of space on each of the disks, so in total 1.60TB of data. Looking at the Pool disk in My computer shows I have about 1.59 TB of data on it (so those 2
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