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  1. Hi, If using the SSD Optimizer is there any way to exclude certain files / folders so not to use the SSD's and write directly to the HDDs. I store some vhdx files on the pool, and (unless just updated blocks are written onto the SSD, and not the whole file) I wouldn't want those to be written to the SSDs as the SSD's are only 240GB and the vhdx files 100GB.
  2. Bic

    Corrupt pool / disk

    Thanks, I rebooted the server, and watched it come up. The M1015 BIOS showed all 4 disks, and the "details" for them. Then when windows came up all the 4 disk were showing in "My Computer", and also in DrivePool. DrivePool did a re-duplication, and it came across 1 file that it said was different between 2 disks, so I told it to fix. So, will just have to wait and see what happens over the next hours / days / months. Not sure why Scanner didn't pick up any issues, I did get a "missing" disks error from it, but that was only after I did a disk re-scan in Device manager last night, and that's when they "disappeared" from windows.
  3. Bic

    Corrupt pool / disk

    So, I tried to remove the drive, I selected remove, and then left the 2 tick boxes blank, but it came up with Error Removing Drive, and clicking on Error Details comes up with "The request failed due to a fatal device hardware error". So I tried again with the Force damaged driver removal and duplicate files later check boxes selected, but got the same. Went into Windows Device Manager, and selected a Rescan, this showed 2 of the disks as "Not initialized", I then did a Rescan Disks, and this now doesn't show them as all. The disks are attached to a M1015 card in IT mode, and the Windows GUI for that is showing 4 disks, however 2 are showing a lack of info such as size and serial number. Going to have to reboot to see what I get, and maybe reseat disks / cables, etc.
  4. Bic

    Corrupt pool / disk

    I am running Windows 2012R2, and I have 4 * 3 TB drives in a pool, with 2 * data duplication set. On Sunday I woke up to an alert from Scanner saying I had a bad disk. The GUI showed that the overnight (monthly) scan had detected a bad sector on one of my disks. I ran the file identify / recovery tool, and that said no files were affected. I then marked all the sectors on the disk as unchecked, and started a scan again, and this time all completed ok. I assumed that either there wasn’t really a bad sector, or that the disk had auto re-mapped it, however the SMART info doesn’t show any remaps. All was ok until this morning, I woke to several errors from my overnight file copy backups. I seems that they wasn’t able to write to several folders on the pool. I checked for a few of the folders by looking in the hidden pool folders and that showed that (for the few I checked) one of the duplicated copies were on the same disk that I had issues with on Sunday. When I tried to open folders / files (sometimes at the top level, sometimes several sub folders down) I got “G:\PoolPart….etc…etc... The request failed due to a fatal device hardware error”. Scanner shows the disk as ok, and it’s on-line etc in windows Device manager. I tried creating a folder and file on the disk outside of Drivepool, and that worked ok. I tried a chkdsk but that came back “the type of file system is RAW. CHKDSK is not available for RAW drive”. So, something not right, but now how best to proceed. Thinking a server re-boot will either sort, or will totally take the disk down. Wondering if it’s worth removing the disk from the pool first, but if I do that will Drivepool then re-duplicated data that is now not duplicated, and how will it handle the fact that it seems data isn’t readable. Thanks.
  5. Ok, thanks. If it's "normal" then that's ok, as long as the files are being duplicated (and I think they are). I just noticed it, and thought I would raise it with you.
  6. Logs uploaded.
  7. So, I installed the above Beta, but still get the same issue. After a reboot (with all my VM's stopped) it said that I have 102 GB of other, but I then remembered that I still had a VHDX file of about 56 GB "mounted" at the time to the host machine, so I dismounted it and ran re-measure and it then said I had 1.14 GB of other which would seem about right. I then re-mounted this VHDX file and also started up my VM's and then after another re-measure it said I had 288 GB of other. This is almost exactly double the size of all "in-use" VHDX files of 144 GB. So, it seems that it doesn't like (or report correctly) the in-use VHDX files.
  8. Hi, running Drivepool and Scanner on Windows 2012R2 with 4 * 3TB drives. Added the disks to a pool and set for (2 *) duplication. There is currently no other data stored on any of the disks. I was adding VHDX files to my Virtual Machines yesterday, storing them on the Drivepool drive, and noticed that as I was adding them the value of “Other” was going up under the Drivepool interface. Looking in My Computer I have used about 0.4 TB of space on each of the disks, so in total 1.60TB of data. Looking at the Pool disk in My computer shows I have about 1.59 TB of data on it (so those 2 figures just about match). Also a DIR /s *.* of the Drivepool drive shows a total of 812GB if data, so ½ of what’s shows above, so that all matches. However looking in the Drivepool interface, I see that it says: Duplicated 1.33TB Other 279GB (I have run Re-measure a few times to be sure) which in total equals 1.6TB. I understand that “Other” includes non pooled data on the disk (which I have none of), and stuff such as metadata and “slack space”, but 279GB is quite a high figure, and quite close to the total size of the VHD(X) files on the Drivepool at about 234GB. I think the VHD(X) files are however being duplicated, as I have a VMBackup folder with 4 VHDX files in it, and under the pool folder on E: & F: I can see 2 of the files on each of the disks, and under the pool folder on G: & H: I can see the other 2 files. So it seems they are being duplicated, but showing up in the interface as Other. Any thoughts.
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