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  1. Do we have an update on Mega.nz? I see under the list its still being worked on, but this has been like this for a few years. Mega.nz offers unlimited storage and does have an api set. So shouldn't be to hard to setup. I know there are mount programs now like Netdrive and Raidrive that have support for it. I would be nice to have this as an option. https://stablebit.com/Admin/IssueAnalysis/15659
  2. Kraevin

    CloudDrive and Plex

    I know this post is a couple months old, just wanted to give an update. Gsuite Business is increasing their prices from 10 dollars a month to 12 dollars a month beginning April 2. Still worth it though for unlimited space. Zanena, yes you can register with your real info if you are registering yourself, you only need 1 user for unlimited even though it says 5 is required. You will need to have a domain name though to link the account, you can either use your own or purchase one from them during the setup which is cheap, i believe its like 12 dollars a year through them for a domain name.
  3. I also started getting the error with the 975 version, i will download the 976 version and see how it does EDIT: Since i have updated to 976, i have not had any more issues.
  4. Yeah i agree, their support is awesome. Chris is always quick on responses and helpful. I have always been amazed how well their support is, specially with a small team to work with.
  5. From my experience, i have yet to hit the API ban using Google Drive and Stablebit, i have a very large library. My Movies library is setup into sub folders as you suggested. I have done full library scans to test this specifically for a API ban. As to answer your cache question, Plex of course would have to rescan your library of your files again due to path location being changed. So yes i would guess that it would update the cache to reflect that. As i said above, i have yet to hit any kind of ban with Google and Stablebit, if you do some how achieve hitting a ban, please post and let us know so we can keep track =).
  6. I have a feeling this has something to do with One Drive, as Google, Box and Dropbox i have not seen this issue with.
  7. How did you bypass the 750GB daily upload limit if you uploaded 1TB yesterday? I am curious on this =)
  8. Kraevin


    Very true Chris. So far from my experience Google seems to perform the best, just wish the daily upload limit was higher. I will be sticking with Google, just was curious to see how the other providers handled.
  9. From what i have seen its just upload.
  10. Kraevin


    I will do some more experimenting with the chunk sizes and download sizes. Appreciate it @Christopher (Drashna)!
  11. Kraevin

    Google Team Drive?

    Just to add, while the team drive does sound like a good idea, i do not see it really being possible, as a team drive has a limit of 100k files per drive. I could see hitting that pretty quickly with the way cloudrive uses chunks.
  12. I have not experienced this myself, the only time i get the rate limit exceeded error is when i upload and go over the 750GB daily limit.
  13. Kraevin


    I have been testing several providers (Google Drive, Drop Box and Box.com). I am curious if anyone else here has been testing Box.com and their results with uploading files. I noticed with Google and Dropbox i can pretty much max out my upload connection (gigabit connection), 700-1100 mbps. and this is with just 5 upload threads. With box.com i see to get a different story with uploading only able to max about 50-70 mbps. Yes i have adjusted the upload threads and still no difference and upload bandwidth throttle isn't on. Box.com claims they do not throttle. So is anyone else here having slow uploads with them? If it helps i am uploading from the UK area. I have a feeling this is probably more of an issue with Box.com and their servers.
  14. Awesome, what cloud provider are you using?
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