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  1. I can confirm you can upgrade to the enterprise plan with 1 user for 20 bucks and it includes unlimited storage, you can do it through your admin console > add subscription. It will show your old plan and allow you to upgrade to any of the new ones including enterprise. Enterprise also seemed to remove the user limit. https://workspace.google.com/pricing.html "Business Starter, Business Standard, and Business Plus plans can be purchased for a maximum of 300 users. There is no minimum or maximum user limit for Enterprise plans."
  2. Do we have an update on Mega.nz? I see under the list its still being worked on, but this has been like this for a few years. Mega.nz offers unlimited storage and does have an api set. So shouldn't be to hard to setup. I know there are mount programs now like Netdrive and Raidrive that have support for it. I would be nice to have this as an option. https://stablebit.com/Admin/IssueAnalysis/15659
  3. Kraevin

    CloudDrive and Plex

    I know this post is a couple months old, just wanted to give an update. Gsuite Business is increasing their prices from 10 dollars a month to 12 dollars a month beginning April 2. Still worth it though for unlimited space. Zanena, yes you can register with your real info if you are registering yourself, you only need 1 user for unlimited even though it says 5 is required. You will need to have a domain name though to link the account, you can either use your own or purchase one from them during the setup which is cheap, i believe its like 12 dollars a year through them for a domain name.
  4. I also started getting the error with the 975 version, i will download the 976 version and see how it does EDIT: Since i have updated to 976, i have not had any more issues.
  5. Yeah i agree, their support is awesome. Chris is always quick on responses and helpful. I have always been amazed how well their support is, specially with a small team to work with.
  6. From my experience, i have yet to hit the API ban using Google Drive and Stablebit, i have a very large library. My Movies library is setup into sub folders as you suggested. I have done full library scans to test this specifically for a API ban. As to answer your cache question, Plex of course would have to rescan your library of your files again due to path location being changed. So yes i would guess that it would update the cache to reflect that. As i said above, i have yet to hit any kind of ban with Google and Stablebit, if you do some how achieve hitting a ban, please post a
  7. I have a feeling this has something to do with One Drive, as Google, Box and Dropbox i have not seen this issue with.
  8. How did you bypass the 750GB daily upload limit if you uploaded 1TB yesterday? I am curious on this =)
  9. Kraevin


    Very true Chris. So far from my experience Google seems to perform the best, just wish the daily upload limit was higher. I will be sticking with Google, just was curious to see how the other providers handled.
  10. From what i have seen its just upload.
  11. Kraevin


    I will do some more experimenting with the chunk sizes and download sizes. Appreciate it @Christopher (Drashna)!
  12. Just to add, while the team drive does sound like a good idea, i do not see it really being possible, as a team drive has a limit of 100k files per drive. I could see hitting that pretty quickly with the way cloudrive uses chunks.
  13. I have not experienced this myself, the only time i get the rate limit exceeded error is when i upload and go over the 750GB daily limit.
  14. Kraevin


    I have been testing several providers (Google Drive, Drop Box and Box.com). I am curious if anyone else here has been testing Box.com and their results with uploading files. I noticed with Google and Dropbox i can pretty much max out my upload connection (gigabit connection), 700-1100 mbps. and this is with just 5 upload threads. With box.com i see to get a different story with uploading only able to max about 50-70 mbps. Yes i have adjusted the upload threads and still no difference and upload bandwidth throttle isn't on. Box.com claims they do not throttle. So is anyone else here havin
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