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    dbailey75 reacted to Mick Mickle in Accessing server files from Mobile device   
    Here's my 2 cents, for what it's worth:  My number one choice is TeamViewer.  I've been using it on my Android devices for over a year now, and it works great to get to PC desktops. (And it's free for personal use. TeamViewer also has versions for iPhones and Windows 8 phones.)  Basically, it's like RDP to the PC of your choice (after you install it on the PC as well).  And it has a file transfer mode.  If you set up a free optional account with TeamViewer, then you can pick and choose which computers you want to connect to at any time.  For some reason -- limited access, I guess -- I haven't installed TeamViewer directly on my server.  Instead, I RDP into the server from the client computer that I connect to with TeamViewer.
    One other nice thing about TeamViewer is that, in some ways, it can subjectively outperform RDP across the Internet when calling home with your laptop.
    The second thing I've been using is AiCloud, which is embedded in current Asus Routers (RT-N66U/R is the one I have).  With AiCloud, you can play music and video files directly from the server to your device, and you can wake any of the computers on the router. There's an iOS version in addition to Android, but I'm not sure about Win8RT.
    I've also used ES File Explorer around the house to get files from the server to my Samsung Galaxy SIII and Motorola Xoom on the LAN, but not so much anymore after discovering TeamViewer.
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    dbailey75 got a reaction from Christopher (Drashna) in Accessing server files from Mobile device   
    The phone's are going to be used by my kids to watch movies, listen to their music, and I hope I can find a game or two to download..  You really can't beat the deal for a media player,  oh, and it has a camera for movies and pictures, I paid about the same for a Vtech camera some years ago, and aside from the fact that the Vtech was practically indestructible, it was a really crap camera, guess I need to get a really nice case for these phones.   I'll let you know what I think about windows phone 8. 
    Oh, and black Friday shopping was a breeze, no one was knifed or tazed in my area,  but you would think everyone would have a crappy LCD TV buy now, but nope, they were lined up at the Target to buy those POS Westinghouse TVs,  40"  for something like $200, they had a 50" element for $229,  I bet the Picture Quality is amazing on those units.
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    dbailey75 got a reaction from Christopher (Drashna) in Accessing server files from Mobile device   
    Looks like I'm going to get a chance to demo the windows phone 8 after all,  so what's the cheapest feature filled MP3 player that you can get these days, and I'm not talking about a $220 ipod touch, a no contract smart phone.  Bingo,  purchased a couple of nokia 520's for my kids, $60 on amazon.  I was up at midnight trying to buy them from the MS store for $50, but the site was hammered hard, couldn't even check out, and that's if I got lucky, gave up after about two hours. 
    We'll wish me luck, I'm about to go brave some black Friday Shopping.   
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    dbailey75 got a reaction from Tardas-Zib in Accessing server files from Mobile device   
    Ok, question for the experts, more like advice, how are you accessing data on your server with your mobile device, for me, it's an Iphone.  I've been looking at some apps, cloud storage, but I really don't want to use the cloud,  So there's an iphone app called Filebrowser which will let me access my files like SMB shares, which is half of my goal,  I would also like to be able to upload my photos, when I'm out and about, and delete from the phone to save space (or if I lose the phone) and skydrive seems to work for that, found another app called Tonido Desktop which may do both, haven't installed it yet.  If the the app worked for streaming , thatwould be great but not necesary,  so instead of reinventing the wheel, figured I see what you all may be doing.
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    dbailey75 got a reaction from champs777 in Bad Hard Drive - Restore missing files   
    check out exacfile or file verifier plus++, these are checksum tools which allow you to export a list of your files in a folder/directory and maintain an inventory, and you can also use the output to verify files restored from the cloud are the same as the original file (compare checksum), this assumes your ran a check sum prior to losing your files. 
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    dbailey75 reacted to SantiagoDraco in Drive "performance index" rating feature?   
    Related to another topic I started for DrivePool I was thinking it might be helpful to add a feature to Scanner that would do the following (and also work in conjunction with DrivePool).
    1.  Once (or manually) Stablebit Scanner would perform a set of performance tests on a drive and set a Performance Index value.
    2.  The index value could be a single average of certain types of reads/writes or maybe an index based on file size.   The idea here is to create an index value that can be used intelligently to optimize performance of drives in a pool.
    3.  In DrivePool a user can flag folders as needing "high/medium/low" performance (or high/medium/low data rate, whatever is most intuitive to the user).
    4.  Drive Pool's balancer function could then have "performance optimize" turn on/off and this optimization function would reference the drive performance index values from StableBit Scanner to then intelligently move folders around to best optimize performance.
    Hopefully that makes sense.  The reason for the suggestion of the performance index test is that there should probably be a consistent way of designating high/medium/low performance drives relative to each other (the index should be relative) rather than using some external manual tools then having to add UI management functions for users to associate folders with drives explicitly.  Automatic is always best
    I think this would also help sell more licenses of Scanner!    For myself Scanner has been of limited use since Smart doesn't work in my configuration.  A feature like this, a synergy between DrivePool and Scanner, would make me run out and buy a license right away ;D
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    dbailey75 reacted to Alex in The Roadmap   
    I've been thinking about how I can better communicate what is in store for each of our products, there are 3 now and another one in the works. Starting today I'll be setting up topics in each forum that I'll be updating on a regular basis. Each post will maintain what the future holds for each product.
    I try to keep a lot of the development driven by user feedback, but most of that feedback doesn't happen in the public forum (but usually in tech support tickets). I'd just like to take this opportunity to highlight the direction that each product is heading in, a kind of roadmap.
    I'll be setting up those posts today so look for them popping up soon in each respective forum.
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    dbailey75 got a reaction from Christopher (Drashna) in Software I use and recommend   
    I've certainly forgot. 
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    dbailey75 got a reaction from jrronimo in Best OS for DrivePool?   
    remember whs 2011 is based on server 2008 R2,  while I can't say this with certainty, but I would think as long as Server 2008 R2 is supported, we should be ok when its comes to security patches through 2020, if I'm wrong you have a good two years and a few months, lol.
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