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  1. Thank you Christopher. Using the links provided I was able to fix my issue. Your time is appreciated!
  2. OS: Windows 7 x64 stablebit version: I have been having some huge issue, lately when I boot the machine up. One of my services is hanging, and it is causing all of my other services to hang. The boot time is is around 12-15 minutes. That being said I have been going program by program trying to figure out what is causing the issue. I thought it was antivirus for a while so i tried a few different options. I really have just about tried everything. I finally gave up and wiped/loaded a fresh copy of windows on the machine. After every program I loaded, I monitored the ev
  3. Thank you again for your help Shane. Few Questions. Since I have disabled "Do not balance automatically" , when should I tell CrashPlan to backup? Should it just be late at night when I am not adding/moving files? For the "Ordered File Placement", should I have my largest drives at the top of the priority? Do I need to have StableBit recalibrate or something? To move the files where they need to go based upon the Ordered File Placement Priority? Thanks again for your help.
  4. Thank you very much for your assistance Shane. I will follow your instructions and see how it all works out. I 100% agree, though. If CrashPlan just skipped existing files, I wouldn't have to do anything at all. That would be idea for sure
  5. I currently backup my computer with CrashPlan(http://www.code42.com/crashplan/). Recently I had a hard drive fail. The issue I ran into was that with DrivePool is that I don't know what was on that hard drive to try and restore. I had to restore "Everything" because CrashPlan doesn't not have the ability to only restore what is missing. It is total crap! That being said, I would like to prepare for the next drive failure. Let's say this is my current setup /Movies /TV Shows /Photos If I look at each of the physical discs, some have all 3 folders, so have a few/couple, some
  6. Good idea dbailey! Thanks for the suggestion!
  7. That is exactly what I will do. The only other option that I can think of would be to backup the absolute paths for each of the drives. IE E:/Movies F:/Movies G:/Movies The only problem with this is E could have all of the data and F and G might not have any. There is no great solution due to the fact that CrashPlan downloads everything, even if the file is present. Ohh well. I still have the data and that is what is most important! I have Charter. No Caps (as of yet). I also have the 100 down/5 up line. I have never had an issue with bandwidth usage. That even includes
  8. I use CrashPlan. You are exactly right. It requires me to download the kitchensink to get back all my files. I will try to pull a list from them and compare to what I have. This will save me the bandwidth of downloading everything. I appreciate your help time!
  9. My drivepool is drive D. My cloud backup points to the drive pool. IE -- D:\Photos -- D:\Movies -- etc Since they don't point to the actual hard disk, and rather to the virtual drive, I have no real easy way to know what was stored on the drive that went bad. In theory, it could be nothing. I just don't know =(
  10. First of all, thank you for such an amazing product! I love the fact that I have one virtual drive and I don't have to constantly worry about filling one hard drive and leaving the others open. Here are my system details: Windows 7 Enterprise x64 I am not having Stabit Drive Pool Mirror my files 128gb ssd (os drive, not in drive pool) 4tb hard drive (in drive pool) 2tb hard drive (in drive pool) 1.5tb hard drive (in drive pool) The 1.5TB hard drive went bad. I have tried everything to access the data on this drive and it is just dead. I have the 4tb, 2tb, and 1.5tb drive
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