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Drive "performance index" rating feature?



Related to another topic I started for DrivePool I was thinking it might be helpful to add a feature to Scanner that would do the following (and also work in conjunction with DrivePool).


1.  Once (or manually) Stablebit Scanner would perform a set of performance tests on a drive and set a Performance Index value.

2.  The index value could be a single average of certain types of reads/writes or maybe an index based on file size.   The idea here is to create an index value that can be used intelligently to optimize performance of drives in a pool.

3.  In DrivePool a user can flag folders as needing "high/medium/low" performance (or high/medium/low data rate, whatever is most intuitive to the user).

4.  Drive Pool's balancer function could then have "performance optimize" turn on/off and this optimization function would reference the drive performance index values from StableBit Scanner to then intelligently move folders around to best optimize performance.


Hopefully that makes sense.  The reason for the suggestion of the performance index test is that there should probably be a consistent way of designating high/medium/low performance drives relative to each other (the index should be relative) rather than using some external manual tools then having to add UI management functions for users to associate folders with drives explicitly.  Automatic is always best ;)




I think this would also help sell more licenses of Scanner!    For myself Scanner has been of limited use since Smart doesn't work in my configuration.  A feature like this, a synergy between DrivePool and Scanner, would make me run out and buy a license right away ;D

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The StableBit Scanner already does a "bus" performance test in order to determine the estimated maximum throughput of the bus that each disk controller is capable of. While we don't do an automatic sequential read / write speed test, I suppose that those could be added.


I'll think about how this can be implemented.


The upcoming per-folder balancing feature in StableBit DrivePool should let you designate which disks to use for each folder, but that would be a manual task and I understand that what you're suggesting would be completely automatic and not really the same thing.

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