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  1. Hello, I (finally) updated to the 2.5 release of DriverScanner and I'm suddenly getting a lot of e-mails about drive temperature: WDC WD10EZEX-08M2NA0 ATA Device - 89.6˚F (Maximum: 32˚F) I looked in the settings, but it still says the maximum temperature is 112°F. Worse, it seems to be throttling my drives to the point of my server being unusable. Did I screw up the install somehow? It's unusable in its current state. Thanks!
  2. I think part of the problem was just not having enough hard drive space total. Shortly after I posted this, I moved that 2 TB drive into the new server and let it rebalance... automagically (and several hours later) I had 1.8 TB available again, woo! It'd be a bummer if my backups are going to take up tons more space, but I've been wanting an excuse to buy WD Red drives anyway, so I guess this could be it, heh.
  3. Greetings all! I am currently in the process of migrating from a WHSv1 server to a WHS2011 + DrivePool server. My WHSv1 setup had 4 HDDs: 1 x 500 GB, 2 x 1 TB and 1 x 2 TB. It happily backed up 4 computers and served as a NAS with lots of duplication. In my move to WHS2011, I have done the following: - Installed 3 x 1 TB HDDs - Installed WHS2011 to the first drive - Added the remainder of the partition and the other two drives to a DrivePool - Moved the WHS folders to the Pool and enabled duplication (2x) for most things - moved the Client Computer Backups into the DrivePool,
  4. Critical updates until 2020 is my kind of talk, haha. That really clears up a lot of confusion -- thanks to you both! Will definitely wait to see about S2012R2E -- seems like it might be exactly what I'm hoping for, and, ideally, not too expensive. (I guess $400ish is about what I'd expect?)
  5. Very excellent, very informative post! Thank you so much! Of course, now it makes the decision a little harder. Microsoft lists the WHS 2011 End of Mainstream Support date as 4/12/2016, so I'd hate to be left hanging re: security vulnerabilities... At the very least, I think I'll wait to hear about the "Server 8.1" equivalent to WSE2012R2 is before I make any decisions. I certainly wouldn't mind having a proper WSE machine at home to do things. It'd be good to practice and learn for my day job, too.
  6. I'm currently running a WHSv1 machine with a few plugins and I'm looking to move to a new Server & OS. WHSv2 is obviously in the running (and I've already purchased a copy). I really like the backup and Drive Pooling features of WHSv1. While WHSv2 seems like the best next step, considering MS has already given up on the WHS line of software, I'm wondering if different software will make for a better transition /next/ time. If I go away from WHS, I'll have to come up with a new piece backup software -- maybe something like Acronis TrueImage or maybe even the built-in Windows software. I
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