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  1. Hi. i manage to bind in a Storage with WinFSP. But because its mountet with the local logged in user, its not visible for the Clouddrive or DrivePool service, to select it. Is there a workaround for this problem? i cain't mount it as a Sytem service user.
  2. i Moved to the unsafe Bitlocker... i can reproduce the error but does not know who i do... just working on the Drive for 24 Hours and reboot. WIndows 8.1 and Win7 x64. No Problems on Bitlocker so far
  3. Yesterday i activatet the Scanner Service again on my Laptop/Notebook. Today i powered up my System and the Diskcrypted Drive is raw again. so Yes. it is somehow abel to force it.... i try now the unsecure Bitlocker.. :/
  4. i am now using Scanner on two systems (WIn8.1 x64 & Win7 x64). and on both systems i am running Diskcryptor since some time. now i have had this, that Diskcryptor mounts my drives but the Drives are RAW. (after reboot) First i was like, ok something gone wrong with DiskCryptor but after i installed the Scanner on my 2. System (win7 x64) i have the same Error, it can be a error between the use of Diskcryptor and the Scanner. 1. I testet my Drives with Victoria and the Drives are all OK. no Problens on the Controllers.. 2. i Formatet my Cryptet Drives and copied some Data to it. 3. i rebootet many times ... .. but no error. after 2 Weeks i rebootet for Updates. ( in this Time Window the Scanner worked of corse) now my drives are RAW. ( 6 Drives ) .... after decrypting one Drives and reboot the drive is back to normal NTFS without Errors. (it takes long for 3TB to decrypt) any clous? Surface test interupps Disk acces or DIrect I/O interfers with the Drivers.....?
  5. Wax7

    Sync software

    Try Bittorrent Sync.
  6. USB Stick A 16GB Drive H: Encrypted USB Stick B 16GB Drive I: Encrypted Making Pool, all OK. Setting Pool Protetion to File Dup. Unmounting Drive H: Pool Drive still there but message, i need to Format it. WTF? i Mount H: ...nothing. Restarting Service, Works again. The Same after restart. i mount my Cryptet Drives for the Pool, nothing, Service restart, all ok. ..i Already set BitLocker_PoolPartUnlockDetect = True Then i mount my Encryptet drives not with a Letter, eg. c:/drives/USBStick-A and then unmount it, it not shown as missing, but the Pool is unformated again.
  7. This Reconnect of a USB 3.0 Drive is a Windows 8.1 Bug. Have it now since years. 2-3 Month ago a Windows Updates fixed it for some USB 3.0 Drives but not for my Drives. Try to Disable Drive Spindown in Powermenu and disable Energie Saving for Drives and USB Ports. Look if your USB 3.0 has a NEC Chip, it was reportet that this is more Stable under Windows 8.1.
  8. i moved from TrueCrypt to DiskCryptor. Does it Support this Drives?
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