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  1. Hi Christopher, I just went and uploaded a copy of my logs. I hope this proves useful to you guys.
  2. Yes, stopping the service does appear to fix this issue. Is it safe to copy files onto the pool while the service is not running? EDIT: It mostly goes away when the service is not running. (I.e., it cuts out every hour or so).
  3. It's happening even if the Scanner is not present, unfortunately. DrivePool by itself triggers this (see the attached screenshot).
  4. Scenario: I have six hard drives of various sizes (all bar one in the 2TB-4TB range). It used to be that most of them were connected via my motherboard's USB headers, but most of those were USB 2.0. I recently bought some generic PCI-E to USB 3.0 controllers (like this) to move some of those to USB 3.0. However, I have run into a serious problem: when DrivePool is installed, the USB connection becomes VERY intermittent. The drives connected to those controllers keep connecting and reconnecting - the connection will die for a second, then it'll be right back up. This happens minutes apart,
  5. Latest version of DrivePool and Windows 7 64-bit.
  6. Well.... I managed to "fix" things, but not in a way that CoveCube could use to find and fix the bug, unfortunately. I decided to remove the errant drive from the pool. Unfortunately, when it did so, the files that were on there did not redistribute to the other drives. Oops. I manually moved the files out of the PoolPart hidden folder instead. I attached the error reports I have, but I can't provide the memory dump as the system has already restarted from the time I did my "fix". ErrorReports.zip
  7. I believe it's the latter. This has persisted for the past couple of days.
  8. I'm in the process of migrating my array into a DrivePool. Unusually, however, my pool appears to have gotten a case of drive confusion. My list of disks is attached, and one of the drives is showing up twice (H:\). The pool also appears to be confused about which disk # it is, too: the one in the pool is reported as Disk 12.... which is actually J:\ (which is also reported as Disk 12). It's actually Disk 10, which is what the H:\ in the non-pooled section is reported as. As far as I can tell it's not actually affecting anything, but something like this still worries me. What's going on, a
  9. leops1984

    Newbie questions

    Hi all, I'm looking into pooling my files using DrivePool, but before I do so I have a few questions about it: - How are drives that change drive letters handled? Say, for example, that my pool is set up with four drives across E, F, G, and H. At some time in the future, the drive letters change. Say the four drives are now J, K, L, and M. The data has not changed at all, only the drive letters. Can DrivePool handle this smoothly? - Suppose that I have to reinstall Windows on the PC where DrivePool is installed. Is there anything "special" that I need to do to rebuild the pool pos
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