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Large Drives and Pool Size limits - clarification


So, I am looking at moving to StableBit (v2.1.1.561) from DriveBender due to what I see as slow performance when trying to access files in the pool.  StableBit seems much snappier when trying to read/write to the pool, as well as when trying to get things like file sizes and counts from Windows Explorer.  However, I am confused by the apparent limitation when a new pool is created of 2TB (in the CoveCube virtual disk).  I am attempting to create a single pool of 3 x 4TB drives, with full duplication.  When created, this pool only shows as 2TB in Windows Explorer, as does any pool created with a disk larger than 2TB.


I also perform regular backups of the large shares that will be contained on this pool, and am concerned about that 2TB limit.  I am not even sure I would be able to place the content in the pool, as I am simply trying to copy these files across the network.  What will be the limitations of dealing with files both on the native windows machine, and across the network (\\server\sharename)?


Has this limitation always been in DrivePool, and will it ever be removed?


Sorry for the newbie question, perhaps I am missing something.....

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Doublepost from here:
It depends on where you're looking at the disk from. In a few places, the driver does report that it's only a 2TB volume. This is for compatibility. 
However, in Explorer, it should show up as the proper size of the pool.
It should show up as 2TBs in Disk Management and DiskPart. But explorer.... It should show up as the correct size.
If it's not, please open a ticket at https://stablebit.com/Contact and we'll see about getting this fixed.
Also, what OS are you using here?
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You are correct.  Explorer does in fact show the full size of the pool, and yes I can certainly live with 2TB size in Disk Management and diskpart.  (Not sure what was wrong my eyes earlier today - wow  sorry about that).   I am currently running Win 8.1, Pro, x64.  Along those lines.  I scanned the roadmap, and did not see if there was any mention of possible planned official support for the Windows 10 SKUs.  Have you guys done, or have planned any Windows 10 work?





Thanks for the info - I did read your info....for now, I am moving my data to a simple Windows 8.1 box, and not WHS 2011.  Would love to have some of that backup utility that they built into WHS, but I will give it up in the search for a newer platform.  Cannot tell you how I wish that MS did not axe the WHS product line.



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We haven't done extensive testing yet, but we have confirmed that both StableBit DrivePool and StableBit Scanner do work fine on Windows 10.

Once Windows 10 hits RTM, or at least a point where there is no more code changes to the core, then we'll actively test on it. Until then, it's basically a waste of our time. Akin to trying to scoop water with your hands. Each time we test, a new version may be out the next day.

But we DEFINITELY do plan on supporting Windows 10.




Cannot tell you how I wish that MS did not axe the WHS product line.

They did and didn't. To be honest, the WHS line was an anomaly for Microsoft. That it got made, and a SECOND version got made was very unusual. And we, the enthusiasts greatly benefited (especially in regards to the "Drive Extender Replacement" products). 


That said, the WHS team got merged with the SBS Team, because the product goals aligned, and they wanted the awesomeness of Windows Home Server. Not just the backup, but the whole package.

And to put the whole "anomaly" in perspective, the SBS MVPs were floored by just how much the WHS team communicated and interacted with us WHS MVPs. Apparently, it was unprecedented (which really is the whole problem with Microsoft...., but that's another rant).


So, when Windows 8/Server 2012 got started in developement, the big push was to consolidate the products into as few product lines as possible. That way, this would reduce consumer(and enterprise) confusion about what product you wanted.  And because of that, the "home" product lost out. 


However, Server 2012 Essentials is a DIRECT predecessor to Small Business Server 2011 Essentials, which is a "sister" product to WHS2011. In fact, the main difference between the two are the number of users and computers, and that it's a domain controller. And that's it (well, max memory being higher, too).


So WHS never really died. However, it did "grow up". It's never going to die now. However, it is a LOT more expensive. But those of us that started with WHS very early, most of us realized just how much of a steal WHS was at ~$100. Even $150, it was a good price.



Now to put things into perspective, if you look at Essentials as JUST a backup server, it's value is .... by far the best.

There are solutions such as "Handy Backup" that emulate it works. However...

The product is $940, and requires at least one "Server agent" license, which costs $259.

That's $1199 out the door. Just to START with.

And then it's $49 PER WORKSTATION. For 10 computers, that's another $490. 


Acronis has a similar solution, but their pricing is "Contact us", which means even worse, most likely


And thats about the best ones you can find. I'm sure others exist, and I've seen others. But they get expensive quickly. 
So even at $400, Essentials is still a fantastic deal. And you get the file server, web server, media server, Remote Desktop server (Gateway) and VPN functionality as well.

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Indeed.  I may reconsider moving back to a server product, but will likely wait for server 10 essentials (assuming that the Essentials SKU will largely remain unchanged from the 2012 R2 version).


Thanks again for the abundance of information, and your continued support of the community!

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From the tech preview, there doesn't appear to be much of anything changed in the Essentials Experience role. So other than an updated base OS... no real change.



And you are very welcome. While it's no longer consumer targeted, I still love the product and definitely endorse it.

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whs 2011oem $49 10 cal now that was a steal. Does everything I need it to with drive pool and scanner. Running it on hyperv 2012 free. wow a virtualized home server that is as stable as can be. The only limitation it has is 4 cores and 8gig memory and the 2tb drive limit. Have 8 cores and 16gig memory so hyperv is happy too. And ssd's on server os and one dedicated to web sites make the server very snappy. One day may try the essentials out but right now I see no need in my small environment as a home and web server. Wish I had another copy to set up a small data server dedicated to MySQL running out of places to plug more disk lol. Looked on eBay no luck still can't believe the value for 50 bucks.

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