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Easiest Way to Copy Pre-existing Files to new DrivePool Drive?


Hi there,

Rather new to DrivePool. I own multiple drives worth a few TB of data each and am just trying to ensure I don't lose any files in the process of converting to DrivePool (currently, I don't use any sort of drive manager).

I don't care much for duplication at this point, I did use drives to backup others but at this point it's not too criticial. My real question is how can I move all of my pre-existing files into the DrivePool?

I have been copy-pasting the old files into the new drive on my test computer, but with TB's of data that may take some time.


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And yes, we absolutely have a pretty simple way to migrate existing data to the pool:



Since this is done "per drive" and moving the data to a different location on the same physical disks, the entire process should take you between 20 and 45 minutes (depending on how much data and how many disks you have).


If you're not sure about the process, we can set up a remote support session to do this for you (Just PM me or contact us at https://stablebit.com/Contact)

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