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  1. Thanks for the reply, that's unfortunate, but I guess it'll have to do. The tool, I assume it's where you download the CloudDrive folder which then "converts" it to appear as a disk? What's the 3rd tool? I know of acd_cli, rclone but not the third, unless you're counting CloudDrive.
  2. Hi, Recent events have shown that Amazon Cloud Drive seems to be making some business decisions against third party apps and as a result may be changing their business plan for Cloud Drive as a hole. All my data is on ACD right now, and I'm looking to see if it's possible to move that to GDrive? I'd rather not have to download everything from ACD to GDrive, through StableBit, so I'm wondering if it's possible (using another method) to move the whole CloudDrive folder from ACD to GDrive without any faults? Is this possible? Thanks
  3. Hi all, I'm having a problem with a drive in CloudDrive suddenly being destroyed. I'll give you a bit of background on my setup and what happened to cause this, or at least what I think happened. I bought two licenses of CloudDrive, one for my "host" machine and one for a remote machine for uploading (since my upload on my host is very very slow). I initially tried detaching the cloud drive on the host machine so that I could attach it to the remote machine. I have done this countless times, typically with little problems. One of the main problems I do have when trying this is getting an e
  4. Thanks for the explanation. The original disk was a refurbed unit from Seagate, either way no harm done. As for the lost files, I have duplication on so no files would be lost, although after you explain it I do see how that could be a problem in the sense that if one drive was lost DrivePool would have to constantly duplicate your files over and over.
  5. Hi, I've been a long time DrivePool user and love the software, but I recently noticed something that I'm not sure was intended. I have one bad disk that frequently keeps disconnecting from the machine. I have replaced the disk, but the damn thing keeps disconnecting, I just haven't looked into it further as doing a "Scan for Hardware" in Device Manager usually brings it back. Anyways, I noticed that when the disk is missing I cannot write or delete files from the DrivePool disk (in this case M:\). If I try, I get an error message stating that I need permission from Administrators on the
  6. Hi! I had a question about how CloudDrive works. I understand that there is a local cache stored on one of the drives, and I'm pretty sure that local cache is used for a temporary place while files are being uploaded and a local cache for frequently used files. I'm currently using CloudDrive with Amazon Cloud Drive, basically as a test as I'm curious about the data loss. I've had a fair amount of uploads fail from ACD_CLI, but retrying them always works. My question is that since most of us probably have a large amount of drives on our severs I'm curious about the cache. I've seen the thread
  7. Thanks for that, I did miss it. Appreciate the honesty!
  8. Just curious if there has been any development on the issue (even on Amazon's side)? Or has it been abandoned completely?
  9. Hi, I'm hoping to get more information regarding this product. I am an avid supporter of Scanner and DrivePool, and i was excited to see CloudDrive on the website yesterday. I've installed the trial and have setup a provider with Dropbox. I've got a question about how the product works. I've got 7 drives pooled in DrivePool, and I've set my Dropbox provider's cache to one of those pools. I can see a CloudPart folder has been created on one of them as the cache. The size of the folder is 5GB (what I've got in total for Dropbox) and the Size on Disk is 1GB. I know I am able to upgrade my sto
  10. That makes sense. I am still curious about how often it queries without the throttle, if you get a chance please let me know. As for the ticket, it was opened with Seagate (unless you also work for Seagate) and they said that SeaTools isn't compatible with Server 2012 R2 and that I should download the DOS version. I can't be bothered TBH. On greater news, over 6 hours the head has only parked 19 times. Much more reasonable! I've increased the throttle to 90 minutes. Thanks for your assistance!
  11. Hi there, I wasn't aware of that setting. Does S.M.A.R.T. wake up the disk every time it queries? What is the normal querying if the throttle is not on? I have also created a ticket with Seagate, but they haven't responded yet. I did a test using "SeaTools" and it says that the drive is defective (already). The same with my other 3TB drive of the same model. I'll see how the S.M.A.R.T. Throttling works, and may upgrade the firmware if not. Thank you!
  12. Hi there, I took a look at the stickied topic that goes into detail about how drive spindowns work (very informative) and how it related with StableBit Scanner. Let me go into some detail about the problem I am having. Basically, I purchased a new Seagate Barracuda ST3000DM001 (3TB) drive on Wednesday and it's already showing it has parked its head 2,506 times according to Scanner's built in S.M.A.R.T. data. According to StableBit, the maximum recommended head parks for the drive is 300,000. If my math is right, that value should hit 300,000 in half a year which is way too short for a drive.
  13. Ah well, I just did it the old fashioned way, just took a few hours. Good to know for next time. Thanks!
  14. Hi there, Rather new to DrivePool. I own multiple drives worth a few TB of data each and am just trying to ensure I don't lose any files in the process of converting to DrivePool (currently, I don't use any sort of drive manager). I don't care much for duplication at this point, I did use drives to backup others but at this point it's not too criticial. My real question is how can I move all of my pre-existing files into the DrivePool? I have been copy-pasting the old files into the new drive on my test computer, but with TB's of data that may take some time. Thanks!
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