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  1. @Christopher, Im sorry for the long wait here, I have been busy with work and have not had the chance to tinker with this. Im actually on a diffent OS now, so I will have to test this out again in the future. Is there any pointers on how to optimize the cache setup? I tend to go for 100MB chunks but is it really faster to use smaller chunks with a smaller cache set for instance? I would rather not use rclone to be honest as it is a "hack" on windows and would love to run something that natively supports Windows, especially since I already bought the software
  2. Christopher, im actually fairly confident that there is a problem here. I have been troubleshooting this, also in correspondance to the other thread I have posted in, and whenever writes are going to the clouddrive cache it is slow as hell - Recently I picked up some new Samsung 960Pro nvme drives, thought it would be fun to test them out so I put 2 of them together in a raid0 and used them strictly for cache for the clouddrive, that should eliminate any kind of performance issues as those drives are basically able to write in the GB\s range - But im still seeing subpar performance as in writes to the clouddrive cache is below 10MB\s with it being fully maxed out according to windows. Im not sure if it is something to do with the settings or a software problem, I can simply let you know that the slowdowns are really odd, to the point that faster drives provide no faster throughput on the cache drive, the two 960Pro drives provided me with ~1MB\s more than my single Kingston SSD I have been using in the past. It has come to the point where I have simply uninstalled the clouddrive software, and now use rclone to move my data to google instead as that is about 15 times faster.
  3. fishie

    File copy very slow

    It was actually, I was seeing the cache drive maxed out with writes being slow, not entirely sure why. But I actually didn't do anything, I upgraded to the RC version, eg the very latest version and it is now running smoothly without any hickups
  4. fishie

    File copy very slow

    I have actually been tinkering here, not entirely sure what changed but I downgraded the drive version and then a day after upgraded to the release version which entirely solved the problem. Not entirely sure what changed between the two, nothing is really listed in regards to this issue in the release notes but for now I will mark this as "solved"
  5. fishie

    File copy very slow

    Took a bit longer to look into this. Im having a hard time doing it though, the "drive trace" within the clouddrive ui does absolutely 0 on my end. Enabling it, reproducing and disabling does not create the "service" folder that are supposed to be created, I have unmounted the volume, restarted and even reinstalled the software without any change in behaviour. Any ideas?
  6. fishie

    File copy very slow

    Will do that this coming monday, im away on business atm. Thanks for coming back to me.
  7. fishie

    File copy very slow

    Im actually seeing something a bit similar to this, i use an SSD for cache for the cache, while moving data onto the clouddrive eg local disk -> ssd cache -> gdrive im seeing about ~5MB\s write speeds, and upload being somewhat shaky with everything from 1-30MB\s but generally I cannot copy fast enough to the SSD cache to actually keep the uploaded maxed out. I have taken a look at this, and when im doing purely copy to the gdrive eg the ssd cache drive I can see that the SSD is running at 100% load, totally maxed out - The odd thing is that I had a samsung 840 evo that were in there before, it has run through 100+TB writes so I simply though it was dead, so I replaced it with a Kingston KC400 512GB Enterprise drive - The problem is the same, im seeing really slow performance to the ssd cache (writes) with 100% load on the drive. Now if i use the SSD as cache for the drivepool, I can run 3-400MB\s writes to it without issues, the drive benchmarks to the 500+MB\s writes/reads that it is listed at. It is important to note here that once the writes to the clouddrive stops, i instantly max out my upload speeds and the ssd cache load drops to 5-10% with ~50MB\s reads (I have 500Mbit internet). Im seeing the same thing when I use a plain harddrive, infact I tried using my Samsung 950Pro nvme drive as cache and it shows the same thing but with slightly higher writes - Im not sure if this is something software wise, but from what I can see writing to the cache is extremely slow. Im on the latest version, but the problem have persisted since I started using clouddrive - When and if the cache fils up, I have tried running the cache as a simply 6GB partition, so that it throttles after 1GB in the cache, the performance goes back to normal, I can run my max upload speed to gdrive with the local transfer locked at roughly the same speed as that. Im on Windows 10 - If you need any details, let me know and I will collect them for you.
  8. Appears that it was not actually duplicating, but cleaning up after the previous setup, so everything appears to be fine now..
  9. So the time ticked to 2AM and my pool started balancing, once that was done it started duplicating data, this confused me a bit as duplication is disabled, somethings fishy here, perhaps some items from the previous install that I tested with are messing up. How do I solve this?
  10. So I get things installed, seems to work just fine. One thing I noticed though is that it appears to be measuring the pool as if it has duplicated data in there, are there some way to remove that? Also, some of the data are unuseable for duplication, not sure what that means.. Image here: http://imgur.com/NEChjpl Also, can someone shed some light and check that I have things configured correctly? http://imgur.com/xCTQN2W http://imgur.com/hTeeVeK
  11. This should have been posted in another window, sorry!
  12. Was just browsing around the download folder, and the changes are actually there in the "changes.txt" at the bottom. Here: http://dl.covecube.com/DrivePoolWindows/beta/download/changes.txt
  13. I was actually wondering the same thing, I just downloaded the beta from the site to test it previously, but it seems that the version is quite old compared to the latest patches.
  14. Hi, I see, that might explain the behaviour that I was seeing previously. Im most likely going to move my data to drivepool instead of flexraid pooling, mainly because there's active development here which I hope will continue in the future Buying a license for all 3 products tomorrow when im back home, little help from my end to make ends meet and hopefully keep things running. Thanks again for the help!
  15. Hi, Thanks for taking your time here! Just missing one last thing, my famous clouddrive that I would love to use as duplication, basically right now I do it manually by copying data over, which would work and I can use software to make the backups, but I would much rather simply add the drive as a duplication target so that I can simply lean back and let the software handle it. But the thing here, I read that if I have an SSD landingzone for my pool, then I would need an SSD landingpool for the duplication aswell? How do I configure this? I tried adding it and using the plugin included to set the clouddrive to only get duplicated data, but I was still seeing the data being stored on local disks, I simply want ONE copy of all my data to be stored on the clouddrive and nothing else, no data writes for files etc, so basically I want everything stored locally on my drives, with the duplicated data being stored on the clouddrive that are linked to google drive. Can someone shed some light on how this is done? If it's too much of hassle I will simply use a thirdparty software to handle backups
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