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  1. Thanks, I have Sonarr/Radarr/Plex pointed to the Stablebit drive and with a little bit of tweaking it seems to be working, i reduced UL threads to 3, as this uploads almost as fast as the cache is filling up. And anyways, it will all be uploaded in a month or so
  2. I'm in the process of uploading 15TB of data to my cloud drive, however it's taking quite a long time because the cloud drive service and system(NT Kernel) are causing 99% disk usage and windows slows down to a crawl I'm using Goodsync to backup from a Google drive to a Stablebit drive (also in Google drive), this is on a dediserver with 2xHDDs in RAID0 and 1GB connection Downloading / Uploading to google drive itself is alot faster (70-75MB/s)..with stablebit I'm getting 6-8MB/s?
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