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possible Stablebit OS



hey have you guys ever thought about a full os to compliment your drivepool? if its as good as drivepool and scanner I would be interested. there never seems to be a easy to use window based server os that's affordable to us little guys (except windows home server but MS killed that) I would love an all inclusive stablebit server os with drivepool scanner and maybe a backup utility that is very simple for us home users.

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A full OS? 


Not really. 

First, that seems to imply Linux. That would require a lot of work to get ported over and working.


But if you mean as for Windows... that would mostly be just pre-packaging our products with Windows. Which is easy enough to do. But it's more complicated from a licensing standpoint. We really couldn't resell just the OS (and even if we could, it would be very expensive to do so).


However, we have considered selling pre-built "servers", that include Windows and our OS. From a licensing standpoint, it's simple, as that's what "OEM"s do and the OEM licensing allows for and encourages.

You should also check out this link:




Even though it's rather expensive, I personally really do recommend Windows Server 2012R2 Essentials. Yes, it's ~$400 for the license, and yes it wants to be a domain controller. But you get all of the WHS2011 features and then some.

Remote access (and VPN), connector software, client backups, the Dashboard, etc.  You also get the "Client Restore Service" which allows for "PXE" booting (diskless, network booting) of the Client Restore disk. :)

And if you want to try it out, there is an 180 day trial version of it, that can be activated with the OEM or Retail key.

And somebody has pointed out, that you can re-arm the trial period. So that is plenty of time to decide if you like it, and save up some money for it.


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would love 2012 but don't want or need a domain and I cant stand active directory.


also having hard time with dns

I definitely understand both parts.

However, there is a way to skip Active Directory, and DNS configuration on the clients.  



So it's definitely possible to do without.



Though, the DNS part, it definitely can be confusing, but once it's set up right, it can be very useful.

The most important part is that the DNS Forwarders are set up correctly for the DNS. If those are not, then the DNS server won't work right.




But yes, it would be nice if Microsoft had a non-domain version of Server Essentials...

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hey what is this stablebit server I saw in the roadmap part of the forum? sounds interesting but I no windows 2012 essentials is a pain to configure with the whole domain stuff.

I'm not sure about the "pain to configure". The Essentials wizard walks you through the setup and does all the configuration for you. It's dead simple. 

As for configuring the Essentials to work without the domain, it's "simple":



As for DNS, if you do plan on using the domain functionality, configure the "DHCP" on it to use the server as the primary DNS server. After that, it's simple.


There are definitely caveats to running Essentials, and to joining a domain. But if you have any questions about it, feel free to ask. 






As for more details:


That's it for now. We'll talk more about it, when we're closer to releasing it.

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