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No Smart Data with Marvell 88SE9172

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It took several weeks, but my reinstall of WHS 2011, Scanner and DP; together with replacing some 3TB drives that scanner didn't like is now complete.  :lol:


The only "issue" left, is that with my Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 MB that uses the Marvell 88SE9172 chipset, Scanner reports SMART is not available on just those SATA ports.


I know for sure its just this controller since when I moved the drives to different SATA ports the problem changed drives - i.e. its port related.


This MB has:


2 SATA 6 Gb/s via Intel Z68 chipset

2 SATA  3 Gb/s via Intel Z68 chipset

2SATA 6Gb/s via Marvel 88SE9172 chipset.


I need to use 6 SATA ports and its all working fine, except no Smart data from Marvell.


I would be nice to find a MB that had more SATA 3 ports but they don't seem to exist with LGA1155, add on cards may not be better (comments?) and Z97 chipsets needs a new CPU socket.


A while back, I was told here about some settings in scanner that I could change,  but that was prior to the new SW install and I can't find the thread. 


is there a simple way to get SMART to work on the Marvel chipset?


As you can perhaps understand, I don't want to kill my otherwise nicely running server. :wub:






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The old method should still work too, but may require resetting your settings to take affect.


However, if you open the Scanner Settings (toolbar->Settings), on the "General" tab, there should be a "Show advanced settings and information" checkbox. Check/tick it and hit "Ok".

Click on "Settings", and there should be a new option, "Advanced settings and information".

Open the "Configuration Properties" tab, find the "Direct IO" section, and check/tick the "Unsafe" option. Then hit "Ok".


Once you've done that, you will need to restart the StableBit Scanner service (run "services.msc") or reboot the system. That should fix the issue. 

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I'm using the version , which does not have this option. However, since I know that the W7 + version also works I guess I might as well installation that one and use this feature.


Next step upgrade version. 


Hmm Scanner indicates version but when I try to load I get an error message "already installed"

When I run  avast thinks its a virus.



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All Fixed :)


I now have installed as an add-on and it has the options that let the Marvel chipset report correctly.


Don't understand why it didn't install that version correctly (add-on listed a different version than was reported in scanner)  since it was just a few days ago, but it all seems OK now.


As long as I don't need to add more drives this server at some future time, its final - (case covers back on) :wub:

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That's because of how the installer handles the installation. 

Also, 2.4 uses slightly different version numbers and may be the reason why you saw the error message you did. 


And .... Avast is still flagging! 

If you haven't already, I would recommend excluding the entire "C:\Program Files (x86)\StableBit" folder from avast (and disable it whenever you update).




And I'm glad to hear that everything seems to be working great now.

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