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Feature Request: Pushbullet Notification Integration



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I would second the request - I am a windows phone user - Pushalot has been removed from the windows store, and the pushbullet app is quite nice, using it for everything else. please consider adding pushbullet!


I'm a pushbullet user as well, so it will be there sooner or later. 

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(Just until it's officially implemented..)  I've used zapier to throw together email --> pushbullet notifications and it's worked well..  Importantly - different from IFTTT - zapier can be setup to accept any incoming email to a specific email address rather than having to come from a particular one.


The free account at zapier.com covers what you need (Zapier is more business orientated that IFTTT - and has pricing to reflect that.  The free account is limited to 5 items and doesn't allow some of the functions of premium accounts, but it's enough here).

In case it's useful, here's a quick howto..


* Create a new "zap"



* Set the trigger as "Email by Zapier" --> New Inbound Email.  Click Save + Continue.

* Create a random email address - I go to an online password generator like https://identitysafe.norton.com/password-generator/and untick mixed case and punctuation to create a random string (mostly because I'm lazy and random typing is too much work).  The more random, the better since you'll get PB notifications for every email that's received there.  20 characters does the trick.

* Click Copy to clipboard (you'll end up with an email address of <whatever you put in>.smli1@zapiermail.com  -  e.g. random123.smli1@zapiermail.com  -  and paste it somewhere for later.  Click Continue.

* In the next screen you can test an email to make sure it arrives.  It says it's optional, but if you don't do it, you'll be sitting there for a while - so send an email and click "Ok I've done this".  Either send it manually from your email client, or add it to the notification section in the Scanner app and click to test the new account.  This  sounds like you're jumping the gun (sending test email before finishing up the zapier config - but doing it now is helpful in the next steps.

* After (hopefully) a few seconds, you'll get a message saying that the email was received, and you've got an option to view it if you really want to.  Assuming you don't want to view it, click Continue.

Now in "ACTION"

* Select Pushbullet.  (I've already got PB enabled on Zapier, so I move right along.  You'll probably be prompted to activate the app to link to your pushbullet account - I can't recall the exact process there)

* Select "Send a Note".  Save + Continue

<Once PB channel is active and can be used>

* Select the PB account that you've linked (or Connect a New Account).  Save + Continue.

* Enter Title/Body for the message.  Use the dropdown beside each to select what fields from the Scanner email you want included.  The test email that you sent is used to show you what to expect in case you want to get fancy - but I just stick with Title = Subject; Body = Body Plain.  Click Continue.

* You'll see what the notification is going to be based on the test email sent previously.  The formatting is lost - but what you want for free :)  Click Create + Continue

* You'll get the test notification in PushBullet.  In Zapier, click Finish, give your "Zap" a name, and switch it on.


Voila - any emails sent to that email address (including from the Scanner app) end up as PushBullet alerts.

Obviously inbuilt PushBullet notifications in the Scanner application will be better - nicer formatting, no 3rd party intermediary - but this does the job nicely for me in the meantime.


Yeesh - this was meant to be a quick "Hey, you can do it this way"..  I may have gotten a little carried away..

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