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  1. Brad

    File Size Limit?

    Sorry about that. Brain fart.
  2. Brad

    File Size Limit?

    I tried to push a 21GB zip file to my drive. It seems to have copied, but the status shows that there is still 20.3GB to be uploaded. It's been running for a while and seems to occasionally spike to 80Mb upload, but the 20.3 never changes. There is an alert that says that "Amazon Cloud Drive is having trouble uploading data to Amazon Cloud Drive. Error: HTTP Status Conflict. The error has occurred 1,114 times. The drive is 300GB on AZN Cloud Drive and 5GB local running on Windows 7. SB CloudDrive v
  3. Or just run an SFTP/FTPS server like Blackmoon hosting the directory.
  4. Brad

    Local Cache Size

    I created a disk that is 200GB on AZN Cloud with a 5GB local cache on an SSD that has about 180GB of free space. I robocopied about 20GB to the disk and it all went very fast. The local disk is now using about 19GB of space. Why does the local disk not hold from accepting new data once the cache space is full? I get that it has to upload to Amazon in the background, but why is it accepting more than in should hold?
  5. I upgraded to 422 this morning and it seems to be working. Thanks.
  6. There is no pastable link. I tried pasting the links and various codes from the Amazon web pages, but nothing works. I am getting to the "Authorized" page and the app seems to be getting the authorization, but nothing works and I continue to get that same error. I tried an incognito window in another browser on another machine. Same thing.
  7. I have tried a bunch of times all spread out and I just tried again. Every time it is the same. The only difference is that the first time the pop-up browser page made me sign into my Amazon Cloud Storage account. No it just asks for a confirmation. I get the same error regardless. I never tried a previous build with AmazonCloudStorage.
  8. .419 64-bit on Windows 7 using AZN Cloud Drive
  9. Thanks for the tip. Now any time I try to connect I get the following error: "The SecretUpdate event must have a handler before an OAuth 2.0 Token can be started"
  10. I installed the non-beta and then updated to .419 so I could try Amazon, but only S3 shows up in my list when creating a disk. What am I missing? Also, this may be unrelated, but since installing the update my licensed copy of Scanner won't start. It just goes to the "Initializing" screen and sits there. DrivePool is working fine.
  11. Brad

    New HDD not being used

    But the Disk Space Equalizer plugin seems to only equalize unduplicated files since that will spread out your risk the most. I have a pool with 7 1.5TB disks that I just added a 3TB disk to. It moved a bunch of un-duped files to the new disk and then stopped. My duplicated files are just spread out over the original 7. I guess I would expect it to do that first, but I also expected it to spread out the duplicated part of the pool so as to minimize the amount of work needed to replace a disk in the future. What is the easiest way to make it do that? My balancer config: http://i.imgur.com/qfF5xQT.png
  12. Title says it all. This is a much better notification system than Pushover especially because it's free.
  13. My Windows 7 box had been running quite happily with a bunch of services on it (Plex, Bittorrent Sync, IIS). Since I have been running DrivePool (and scanner) I have been getting many blue screens, probably at least one per day. I am pretty sure it happens when Plex is streaming something off of the pool, but that process was previously running totally fine without crashes. The most recent blue screen is attached. I also remember seeing some of the previous BSoD's referencing cdfs5.sys. I have tried turning off network boost and even duplication on most of my folders so that the app shouldn't be that busy balancing or anything like that. I have 8 1.5TB drives in the pool and one 80GB SSD (OS drive). 4 of the drives are in an eSATA dock and 4 are in a USB2 dock. The really annoying part is that Windows is set to reboot on blue screens, but it hangs on these blue screens and has to be rebooted manually.
  14. I have an 80GB SSD and 8 1.5TB drives in my pool. The SSD is also my OS drive so I want to just use it for initial writes, but I expect DrivePool to balance the pool out by eventually moving the files to two of the spinners. I only have about 20GB free on the SSD normally which puts it right at the 72% limit that I have on the drive for new file placement. The problem is that a few older files have one of their copies sitting on the SSD taking up space so DP thinks that there is no room to put new files on the SSD. The other drives are all set to 0% for new file placement, but when I move new files to the pool I can see that only the big drives are active. How do I flush all files off of the SSD to make room for new files without removing and re-adding?
  15. Bitcasa is an online storage provider that has an infinite drive as one of their products. It can be very slow as they do encryption pre-upload and convergent encryption to save on duplicate storage at the block level. It would be an incredible add-on to StableBit to be able to use Bitcasa (or any cloud storage provider) as the duplicate pool. Then if I wanted to maximize my storage I could just keep a single copy of all files locally. Restore times would be long as currently Bitcasa only sends at around 30mbps.
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