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  1. So - in `file-protection` `pool file duplication` I have it currently set to 2 ... My dumb ? is does this mean I have 3 copies (the original and 2 copies) of the file or 2 (original and a copy)? If the answer is 3 total can i change the setting to 1 and will it update the pool?
  2. Same - Did you ever get a solution?
  3. I'm not in front of my pc now - but I currently have it setup such that writing a file to the pool results in a total of 3 copies (the original file and 2 copies) - is it possible to simply change the duplication level to a lower one? (so original file and a backup). OK I am home now - it says I have 2 copies of each file. Does that mean I have 3 total? if I change it to 1 am i still protected? (original file and 1 copy??)
  4. So ... The Controller or the drive? I ask because one drive (the SSD) StableBit is saying "doesn't have smart errors but some things known to us indicate this drive is garbage" <- I'm sure it's worded slightly differently... I'm hoping it's the drive? S.M.A.R.T. is not predicting imminent disk failure. However, some well known S.M.A.R.T. attributes that are indicators of mechanical problems are showing signs that the drive could be failing.
  5. grab the troubleshooter from here: http://wiki.covecube.com/StableBit_Troubleshooter logs submitted I'm installing 754 as recommended now... Beta Versions I've had installed (that are still in my history... in case it helps) .762 .758 .748 .744 grabbing 754 now Well... not so fast - When I try to install it says there's a version already installed. do I need to un-license the current version? and what about the SSD plugin?
  6. OK ... I'm confused (Sadly that's not hard!) ... What do you mean by the second numbered build? If I go the index of betas they are all 2.2.0.xxx - so grab not the latest one there but the one just before it? -Or- Do you mean to grab the version called out in your post? So... as of me writing this post the latest one available is 762 .... So should I be grabbing 761, 754 or 651? Thanks for clearing this up Drashna (I'm thinnking you mean 754?) Up until now I have been just grabbing the very newest one, and until about a month ago, this didn't cause me any issues.
  7. I've been crashing lately as well. it seems that the latest beta (Whatever was the latest 2 days ago) seems to be at least better than the ones before it. I haven't dug into it. just replying here as I've been having a crash about every 3 days, and AFAIK the only change on my system was updating Drivepool... Think i might go back to 747 if I have another problem and see if it goes away.
  8. I'm using a beta version of Drive pool (the latest I think) - and am wondering if i should be using a beta version of Scanner? thanks
  9. Hi I am getting this error fairly regualary: DrivePool.Service.exe Warning 0 [FileMover] Error moving '\\?\Volume{41ce706c-1314-4036-b613-3590fa3b4779}\PoolPart.072950e2-ce18-4826-afed-e909e33e248d\Video\HDHRDVR\20170421.log' to '\\?\Volume{f15253bb-e80e-4f98-8e8c-f9f4799eb8ac}\PoolPart.c8b4a9d7-e7d9-4da0-a43f-4cfde6d8bfb6\Video\HDHRDVR\20170421.log'. The oplock request is denied 2017-04-21 14:08:07Z 2449285212997 My drivepool is set up rather simply... Folder duplication for everything. wondering if there is a way to say don't duplicate log files in this folder? that would solve the issue. the application in question is SiliconDusts HD PVR and the recordings are placed in the same folder as the log files. and I want the recordings duplicated
  10. No, Using an LSI controller: SAS9211-8I Windows 10 Creator Update I few weeks ago we upgraded the whole computer. and discovered a few drives were suspect by StableBit Scanner (the drives not bad, but things known to stablebit message?) - Anyhow, we removed those 3 drives from the pool, and I brought 3 replacement drives up. The drives were removed from the pool Before april 15th. On (I think) april 15th we added the new drives and did the balancing. Looking at the logs (which I sent you) ... I see this error several times: DrivePool.Service.exe Warning 0 [RemoveDriveFromPool] Error shutting down in use applications. No action was taken as a system reboot is required 2017-04-15 20:37:52Z 288718450636 DrivePool.Service.exe Information 0 [FsControl] Clear pool mode: PoolModeNoCreateDirectories (key=CoveFsPool) 2017-04-15 21:02:25Z 309803486377 DrivePool.Service.exe Information 0 [FsControl] Set overall pool mode: PoolModeReadOnly, PoolModeNoReportIncomplete, PoolModeOverrideAllowCreateDirectories, PoolModeNoMeasure, PoolModeNoReparse 2017-04-15 21:02:25Z 309803489415 DrivePool.Service.exe Warning 0 [RemoveDriveFromPool] Error on final delete after drive removal for \\?\Volume{4d6acdd6-0000-0000-0000-100000000000}\PoolPart.0f4421bc-176a-457a-90e3-f73b6df7acb0\. Unable to delete all files after removing pool part. 2017-04-15 21:43:30Z 345100228277 Please look over the logs I was there April 14-16 - One of those days was when we had the problem ... I think it was the 15th. And I do not know if it is still having problems. Also on the 16th there are a TON of warnings, they appear to be related to non duplicated files? I don't see any errors after the 16th but don't know if that means it's 'better' or not. Also - Should I upgrade to the latest Beta? I'm running the release version right now... It is Windows 10 Creator update, and I did see some updates related to windows 10 in the betas. At home I have since upgraded to the latest beta, wondering if it would be a good idea for my brother as well. Thanks, and glad you're feeling better.
  11. Nope, its just balancing. An unlicensed pool will go read only too, but it's licensed
  12. Hi, I've done this a few times now. and as I've been reading Drashna is a bit out of commision due to some health issues (Get better!) .... Anyhow. It is more or less magic! If you can DEACTIVATE your license(s) for drivepool before blowing away windows. In my case there is a license activated for Drive Pool and one for the Scanner software. Deactivate. Load up your new windows. Install DrivePool... Activate with the trial key, then activate your key. Drive pool will just *see* and create your pool when you install the software. If you cannot deactivate the license before proceding you'll need to get Drashna or someone to take care of the license issue. but the trial key will get you through a few days. edit: regarding unraid, I'm no expert but AFIAK those drives are linux based so you won't be able to move them. you'll need to reformat those drives as ntfs to add to drive pool
  13. I am working on my brothers drive pool, and when his pool is balancing it becomes read only until balancing is done. Why is that? How can I fix it?, mine doesn't act this way and our setups are about the same. Windows ten, lsi controller, etc. If there are any logs or information needed please let me know and I'll get it. Thanks
  14. The link in my post shows all of my settings. I cannot have *any* Balancers besides the ssd? That seems wrong, please look at my link.
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